One Night In Chicago

By Dr. Joe Hawkins B.Sc., D.C. -

So here I am, its 1:00 AM and I'm chowing down on some shrimp at the Empress Hotel in Chicago. I am typing into home base ( with the state of revolution in America. That is to say, the conference here on the truth behind 911. My plane arrived late and I didn't waste any time taxing in, checking in and registering in. No arrests, no issues and no trouble. Happy to report.

This is much more than a "conspiracy convention", these people can't be more serious about the state of affairs for the empire of America. Arriving late, it was standing room only for Alex Jones, the kickoff guest speaker for's main event since its inception. Further, we can easily say this is a historic day for America, the first time a conference of this nature is being held with such focus on truth about the real situation in America.

The first evening of the conference started out with a blast by Alex Jones, and ended with a stunning expose of wit by Meria Heller. Many may not of heard of her, but you soon will. She struck a cord with the 911-truth movement, encapsulating the essence of what this movement is all about. Speaking the truth, with wit and flare, she didn't hold any punches and rather delivered a proper knock out. The mood of the crowd was clearly ready for action, information, and guidance. All three were being delivered with first class speakers, information booths, and a clear sense of purpose in no short supply.

Alex Jones in classic Jones style trumpeted the usual course of facts about the essential true history of America and lambasted the illusion of 911. He finished with a focus on the terrorism that is being spun out of the global elite and white house. Clearly confirming the American state of affairs is in dire striates and in need of a small army of Jones's to kick some serious fascist but.

He clearly stated that 911 is nothing compared to what is coming, and this writer can't agree more. If Canadians think they are somehow insulated from Americas future, they are delusional. It is inspiring for me to be here and see not just the love of country, but the love of sisters and brothers world wide. These Americans know that their unselected government is killing people overseas and at home. They are ready for serious change and recent Zogby polls indicate that 70 million voting Americans agree. The sense I am getting here is, this is the real America. The America that people dream about, have died for and would do anything to fight for. These patriots are more than just Americans, they are seeing the whole global situation.

Evidence to this was Dr Steven E. Jones, BYU physics professor, who started out his talk with a quick lesson on how to build a solar panel stove. What does that have to do with 911? Everything! Why? Because he is a man of God, who is more courageous, more intelligent and has more vision than anyone serving in any government I know. He has been building these solar stoves for the third world, where the use of wood to cook with is in short or no supply. He sees a clear fundamental future that is going to be a nightmare for humanity, and pointing out how Americans may soon be in need of these solar stoves. Why? Because the Nazi American administration is creating a police state and if they have there way, its going to turn into a global depression and all out world war three. Dr. Jones is a hero who is not only going down in contemporary American history, but if this world survives, should be recognized as a warrior for truth for this planet. He finished his talk with a 911-truth movement song that touched me as a Canadian. This truth, this horrible truth must get out to society. To anyone that is reading this please wake up and do something, anything, and do it now.

For myself, the starlight of the evening goes to Meria Heller, who has an internet site and radio show at She was truly a bright star with her New York, American/Italian wit and fire. Each line was packed with not only the horrendous truth, that so many are afraid to speak, but she managed to seed it with wit and humour that made the impalatable, scrumptious. She would know how, she has been doing her show for seven years. She explained a major recent breakthrough story for the movement which can be heard on The story of Richard Andrew Grove, which I will let you find out about on your own. It is massive and you should check it out. I had only heard her show the week before this conference and was blown away. To see her speak in person was truly inspiring.

Well it's about 2:30 AM, I must hit the bricks and get some z's for tomorrow. Should be a day to remember for all truth seekers. Here in this conference I think perhaps there is still hope for humanity. God's will is being done and we are living witnesses to the most historic time for the human race. And this event sits in the middle between light and darkness. It is here that I wish to be. Realizing the state of affairs for the global elite are actually being recognized, addressed and dealt with. I pray the electricity of this event reaches out across America, Canada and the world.

In truth, and in deep.

Dr. Joe Hawkins B.Sc., D.C.