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Thread: American President authorized Mexican Military force against U.S. citizens on US soil

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    OrlandoMary Guest

    American President authorized Mexican Military force against U.S. citizens on US soil

    Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Russian Subscribers:

    " ... "

    To counter these growing internal forces Russian Intelligence agencies are reporting that United States military leaders have planned an accelerated schedule of internally staged events meant to distract, and put fear into, those citizens who would dare attempt to even think of acting against them.

    In my previous report to you titled, "United States Begins Plan for Total North American Subjugation, Canada and Mexico to be ‘Absorbed’ Into Growing US Empire to be Re-named “New Rome”, I had told how the United States has planned for the total subjugation of the North American Continent, and had solidified this during this past weeks meetings between the American President and his counterparts in both Canada and Mexico.

    Russian Intelligence agencies are further reporting that during this meeting the American President had authorized his Mexican counterpart to use Mexican Military force against United States citizens, and on American soil, this being because there are not enough American Military forces available to counteract the growing citizen’s militia movement in their Arizona Region.

    With a very 'prostituted' Ameican media, We Americans are forced to seek news from foreign sources about our own country.

    Please share and forward this article to as many family, friends, neighbors, acquaintainces and associates as possible.


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    EminemsRevenge Guest
    Sounds ominous, if it were true, but you seem to forget that the whole concept of cuntry is a quaint thing of the past.

    As Halliburton took over the feeding of the troops (for quadruple the cost), it should be evident to all that unlike anytime previously in Amerikkklan history, now is the time that wars are being fought for the benefit of corporations. Eisenhower said to beware of the military industrial complex when he was leaving office whilst the motto of the country was "what is good for GM is good for Amerikkka," and that kind of thinking has not only not's been exacerbated.

    Our beloved Reichskanzler had let slip that there was a shadow government...this before his handlers decided they needed a little September Shoah to get the show on the road....

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