Conjecture & Theory - Ken Jenkins & Morgan Reynolds
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Ken Jenkins - What was Supposed to Happen on 9/11 and Didn't
Morgan Reynolds - How the Perps Screwed Up 9/11 and How We Can Exploit It

The 9/11 plot did not go entirely as planned. For example, there were serious problems with Flights 77 & 93 and with WTC 7. These problems lead to our having more evidence than we would have had if all had gone according to the original plan. Learn what we know and theorize and how it helps our case for proving that 9/11 was an inside job. Included will be information on the divisive question 'did 77 hit the Pentagon?' without either side being favored - an effort at healing that divide in our movement.

This presentation by Reynolds and Jenkins was probably one of the more interesting ones at the conference. It focused on conjecture amongst 9/11 skeptics, and was basically the one presentation that could be labeled as 'conspiracy theory' - because the discussion was about theorizing.

The question and answer section at the end of the video was removed, but was actually pretty interesting. Please keep in mind this is just an initial release from my handicam recording, so please don't complain about the shakiness, a better version will appear in the coming weeks and months.