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Thread: The New World Order

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    The New World Order

    The New World Order

    Here's what I believe:

    Have you ever come across a bum on the street, and you couldn't even make eye contact with them because they're "Less Than Human"?

    That's how our "Leaders" perceive us. They don't care about us as individuals. We are "Less Than Human".

    It's a PROVEN fact that the Corporations care more about the bottom dollar than the people they sell their products to. If our Elected Officials are interchangeable with their Corporate Counterparts, then why should their priorities be any different? Guess what? They're not.

    Over the years, the Corporations have slowly taken America away from us. Most decisions made in Washington D.C. no longer benefit Americans, but the Corporations themselves.

    If by "New World Order" you mean that the Corporations are taking over the planet, then yes, I believe in the NEW WORLD ORDER.
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    Herewith, I submit my resume to be considered as "Head", New World Order. I believe that I have the combination of charisma, narcisim, ruthlessness and psychopathic tendencies to do a good job. Plus, I'm handsome and like to fuck people over.... :D

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    Have you ever played the game?

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