Judith Goes To Court

Dr Jay Reporting

June 1-2, 2006

It was a day like any other, except today Judith Pfeif went to bat for America. Yes, she went to court and lost her case, but not without a fight. We all knew there was little chance of winning and we really had no expectations that could have turned into a big let down. It was actually a win-win day for average Americans who are sick and tired of the lies and deceit of the corporate Borg media and this countries unholy leadership. This was the finest example of a poor woman trying to do something to save her children and our Country that anyone could have witnessed. The sad part is that there was not enough coverage of this story by more of the major TRUTH radio talk show hosts, the only exceptions being Mr. Jack Blood and Michael Wolsey of the Colorado 911 Visibility Project. Those good 911 Visibility folks up north there have been very positive and supportive of Judith’s efforts. Big thanks for that.

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We see it as a very great success and we the People won in several ways. The first good part of this story was when several community members showed up and came to support Judith. There were actually nine people that came and two newspaper reporters who were there for the Judith case. The reporters were from the Durango Herald and the Denver Post. Being a small town, that is considerable and the magistrate Douglas Walker gave Judith a fair chance even as he basically told her from the beginning that “this is a First Amendment issue” and indicated he could not rule against the constitution or the right of the Publisher to print what they wanted to or not. The Publisher had brought his high priced lawyer in at the last minute and this forced Judith to proceed under duress. Mr. Lawyer came into the case the day before the trial and surprised everyone by giving Judith the defendants response and his motion to dismiss just as the trial began. Not quite cricket for sure. He surprised us all so the judge recessed for five minutes to allow us all to confer on what to do. In the previous article in the Durango Herald, the Publisher said he would represent the newspaper. He lied and at the last minute brought in his lawyer. Another lie to become an obstacle to overcome. We then decided to go forward and marched back in ready to proceed.

One of the other good things to happen here was that this writer got to meet a Sheriffs Investigator in the hallway who took an interest in this case and the information about 911. He asked for DVD’s to be dropped off at the station for him to review. The good part is that maybe we can tune in some of our local law enforcement to this horrible cover up. Being that the 911 incident was a crime against humanity, maybe the next approach is to get the investigators to look into the criminal aspect of this case. If the crime was committed and these media people keep hiding the truth, it would appear that they are complicit in the cover up and therefore are accessories, or accomplices in the crime itself.

When Judith went back into the court room she specifically made mention of the rule that states no attorneys are allowed in small claims court. The magistrate said they could have one if timely notice was given. Timely notice? As the trial is beginning is timely notice? Oh, and the judge said she could have an attorney too because they were having one. He even offered to give her a continuance if she wanted to consult an attorney herself. That all would be nice if she could afford one. Poor Judith is on the near side of poverty and barely gets by. Why is it only the poor see the truth and try to do something about it. Are there no rich people out there that care for their own

It is actually another positive thing to know that our magistrate here is the kind of man that backs the constitution. His Honor was actually very polite as he explained many of his actions to Judith and the court room full of people in layman’s terms. It was a good thing that the People were there to see this historic event. There was no fear knowing we had the strength of numbers. He allowed her to speak her piece and present all the evidence she had. This was the first salvo. Five DVDs and about fifteen other exhibits among which contained the petition and signatures, previous news and magazine stories, 133 websites proving govt’ complicity, the latest Zogby Poll, and
200 Smoking Gun Questions about 911 from the site called 911 Review.


All this was presented to the court and the magistrate accepted it into the official status of ‘court evidence.’ Now there is some official evidence to refer to in the future when people look back and wonder why no one did anything about this horrible event of 9/11, or for legal reference. This was the crime of the century, so far, and it is an awful shame that it is not being properly reported. The magistrate give Judith the time she needed to read her brief
statement and it also was taken and recorded as evidence.

This was the basic content of her brief statement:

Your Honor, I Judith Pfeif as a concerned citizen of the United States of America, a widow, a mother of 2 sons and two daughters come before this Court for the purpose of raising the standard of reporting of the Durango Herald from negligence to responsibly reporting the stories about 911 and the 911 cover up that millions of people all over the world are researching and finding out about. To be in a ‘position of trust’ as our local newspaper the Durango Herald is in, it should be held accountable for the malfeasant reporting it is doing by not choosing to report the information about 9/11 and the 9/11 cover up. They are covering up all the information provided by myself and the five other concerned citizens in the conference room of the Durango Herald on the date of March 26, 2006. By not reporting the information given to them that included five DVD’s, 133 websites about 9/11 and the cover up, other newspaper and magazine articles, the Durango Herald is harming my family and community by withholding information that could make the difference between life and death for many individuals. My daughter has joined the Army and more than likely would not have had she been told the truth about the 9/11 inside job and subsequent cover up. My daughter could lose her life in the near future in a war that is based on the big lie about 9/11. Since September 11, 2001 all of our lives have been affected in so many ways. Thousands of lives have been lost, our constitutional rights are being taken away with the Patriot Act to begin with and there is the possibility of more rights and lives to be lost in the coming future. By reporting all sides of the 9/11 story including the cover up and unanswered questions, the Durango Herald could become the catalyst for a positive change. Our community as well as other communities deserve better attention to truth and more responsible reporting of the facts and truths surrounding the 911 story. Millions of Americans are now asking and seeking to know what the 911 commission has not reported to them or refuses to answer.

Please your Honor, I am here today to care for my community and I can only hope and pray for all media to be more objective and report truthful coverage that encompasses real news that is beyond the spoon fed propaganda. Let this be a new precedent for all media to learn from and that they raise their standard of reporting the truth to their readers. This is Caring for Our Community.

Thank you your Honor.

It went short and sweet. Judith became very emotional as she began to read, but came through it all OK. The thought of her daughter dying for this huge lie is very upsetting to her.

The newspapers lawyer offered his motion to dismiss based on some case law evidence involving a newspaper’s fight against being told what they can print. The problem here is that his case history is of a personal nature involving politics and whether the paper should print rebuttals to stories that defame a politicians character. In a way, this case is out of character because Judith’s case involves mass murder and those that are hiding the truth about it thus making them accessories to the crime itself. (Miami Herald Publishing Company v. Tornillo, Jr. 418 U.S. 241 1974)

The publisher also asked if he could speak and the magistrate let him as long as it was brief also. It was an open and shut case, but he continued to go through the formalities. The publisher Richard Ballantine stepped up to the podium and said he appreciated Judith’s concern for her community but it was a small family owned newspaper and he felt they had the right to print anything they wanted. He said they jealously guard their First Amendment right to
print what they wanted to or not. It was pretty much a lot of nothing and he knew they would win this case so he was brief and sat back down to await the decision which came thereafter. One wonders if the First Amendment excuses the murderers and those that are covering up the crime.

Then, after he spoke Judith offered up two more DVD’s for evidence and they too were taken as ‘official evidence.’ It kind of surprised everyone and so then after that the magistrate quickly ruled against Judith and Our Community, but also advised her that she has 15 days in which she could appeal.

Should Judith go forward with an appeal? What will be the next strategy in this ongoing effort to bring out the truth of the 9/11 cover up? Now that the court has all that ‘official evidence,’ someone is going to have to review it all for Judith to get a fair chance in her appeal. Hummmm……let’s just ponder on this for a spell. Maybe when that someone reviews all that evidence, they will understand the gravity of this situation in which the media is guilty. Guilty of complicity, covering up the cover up, and being accomplices and/or accessories to the mass murder crime of the century committed on September 11, 2001.

Walking in Truth,

Dr Jay

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