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Thread: Michael Chertoff Must Be Fired

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    Michael Chertoff Must Be Fired

    Michael Chertoff must be fired

    (Gold9472: He's acknowledging that there is no "threat". That it was all fabricated. Obviously, if there was a real threat, and Chertoff was a true American, he would want to spare no expense protecting a city that already lost 3000 people. Because there isn't a real threat, and because he's a traitor, he can choose to be vindictive.)


    Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff told New York to drop dead yesterday as he slashed the city's federal anti-terror funding in a traitorous action that endangers the lives of 8 million people and demands his immediate firing.

    Chertoff's decision to cut the flow of U.S. money by 40% was at the least gross incompetence and at the worst vengeful payback by a petty bureaucrat who tangled last year with the NYPD and wound up humiliated. Either way, President Bush must give Chertoff the boot with a hearty, "Heck of a job, Mikey."

    This city, America's No. 1 target, had to fight long and hard for federal terror aid while Congress doled out the money as pork rather than based on threat. That was supposed to change this year because Chertoff was given the power to allocate much of the funding based on where it was needed most. Instead, fresh from monumentally bungling the U.S. response to Hurricane Katrina, he went out of his way to whack New York's slice of the national pie from $208 million to $124 million. The No. 2 target, Washington, also took a huge hit from Chertoff's team.

    Homeland Security's rationale for stabbing the city in the back, as Rep. Pete King put it, was based on figments of the imagination and outright lies, all recorded in black and white on the score sheet used by the department for determining which cities got funding. By Chertoff's reckoning, New York has not a single national monument or icon that needs special security. No Ground Zero. No Empire State Building. No New York Stock Exchange. No Federal Reserve Bank. No St. Patrick's Cathedral. No Statue of Liberty. No nothing.

    Even more outrageous, Chertoff concluded that New York's Police and Fire departments are clueless in the war on terror. In his official estimation, giving them all the money they requested would have been a complete waste. Among the units Chertoff rated as in the bottom 15% nationwide, and requiring special federal baby-sitting, was the NYPD's globally recognized counterterrorism bureau, the very outfit that shamed him in October when Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Ray Kelly wisely put the city subways on alert for an attack. Coincidence? We think not, and we dare Chertoff to repeat the same despicable libel face to face with Kelly.

    He wouldn't have the nerve. He has got to go.
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    In his official estimation, giving them all the money they requested would have been a complete waste.

    because they know the GWOT is a bunch of bullcrap....and why pay money to groups who may ACTUALLY thwart terrorist attacks if "they" decide to strike again.

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