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Thread: Opinion Split Over 9/11 Report

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    Opinion Split Over 9/11 Report

    Opinion split over 9/11 report

    (Gold9472: This made the front page... AGAIN!!!)

    By: KEITH PHUCAS, Times Herald Staff

    NORRISTOWN - More than 40 percent of Americans believe that the 9/11 Commission Report that investigated the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks is a cover-up, according to a recent poll. And nearly half surveyed said the attacks should be reinvestigated.

    In May, a Zogby International poll of adults found that 42 percent of adults polled believe the U.S. government and the 9/11 Commission "concealed or refused to investigate critical evidence" that contradicts the official explanation of the attacks.

    However, 48 percent polled believe there is no reason the 9/11 Commission would want to cover up information surrounding the terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 at the World Trade Center towers, Pentagon and in Somerset County, Pa.

    The Zogby poll was sponsored by a leading activist group, 911, which is highly skeptical of the official report published in July 2004. About one in ten respondents were "not sure" about the report's veracity.

    Zogby chose a random sample of 1,200 adults nationwide for the Sept. 11 poll. The survey asked about 81 questions.

    While 45 percent surveyed want a new probe into the devastating attacks, 47 percent were satisfied the Sept. 11 terrorism was thoroughly investigated.

    Those in the 911 Truth Movement believe the poll findings bear out their suspicions that government officials conspired to cover up what really happened on Sept. 11.

    "With half the country believing as we do, (the poll) is some form of vindication," said Jonathan Gold, a former member of 911 Truth's steering committee.

    Gold, who lives in Plymouth Meeting, complained that major media has ignored the truth movement.

    "The media is not covering the fact that 45 percent of voting Americans believe we should have another investigation," he said. "It deserves attention."

    Though family members of victims of the attacks submitted about 400 questions to the 9/11 Commission, Gold said, only about a dozen were answered by the inquiry.

    Poll respondents were equally divided - 44 percent - over whether the Bush administration exploited the Sept. 11 attacks as a pretext for invading Iraq or used the terrorism to legitimately justify war.

    According to Zogby International, the polling company does not interpret survey results or advocate a particular point of view on behalf of its clients.

    Keith Phucas can be reached at or 610-272-2500, ext. 211.
    No One Knows Everything. Only Together May We Find The Truth JG

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    Kinda makes all those letters-to-the-editor worthwhile.

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