Monday, May 22, 2006

'As the other columns snapped, one by one, the entire top of the building tipped in that direction and, like a tree leaning toward the notch sawed by a lumberjack, began to fall. The force of the upper stories coming down then crushed the entire tower, ripping it apart as it fell.'

JAMES GLANZ and ERIC LIPTON, City in the Sky / The Rise and Fall of the World Trade Center (2003). on the collapse of World Trade Center Building 2, the South Tower, page 269

'The South Tower's destruction began with its top tipping to the southeast. Instead of toppling, however, the top suddenly disintegrated and fell into the exploding Tower. By eight seconds (pictured) the event had become quite symmetric.... Without controlled demolition, the Towers' tops would have toppled, leaving standing their portions below the impact zones.'

JIM HOFFMAN and DON PAUL, Waking Up from Our Nightmare / The 9/11/01 Crimes in New York City (2004), page 31

'The World Trade Center had more than recovered from the 1993 bombing. It was one of the most valuable and respected pieces of real estate in the world.'

JAMES GLANZ and ERIC LIPTON, City in the Sky / The Rise and Fall of the World Trade Center (2003), page 232

The Twin Towers were obsolescent white elephants, standing on very valuable real estate."

DON PAUL in the 'David Rockefeller: Main Force' section of the DVD 9/11 Guilt / The Proof Is in Your Hands by Jim Hoffman, Celestine Star and Don Paul (2006).

A letter delivered by USPS Express Mail to The New York Times' editorial offices today invited Times reporters James Glanz and Eric Lipton to debate two of the most acclaimed researchers into the crimes of September 11. 2001, Jim Hoffman and Don Paul, about the provable and likeliest causes for the murderous collapses of the Twin Towers and World Trade Center Building 7 during the 'Attack on America' five years ago.

Glanz, who has a Doctorate in Physics from Princeton University, and Lipton, winner of a 1992 Pulitzer Prize for explanatory reportage, are co-authors of a 428-page book, City in the Sky / The Rise and Fall of the World Trade Center, published by Times Books and Henry Holt and Company in 2003.

Paul, a former Stegner Fellow in Creative Writing at Stanford University, and Hoffman, whose work has been featured in Nature, Science, and Scientific American, are two of the most lauded researchers into 9/11/01 (see quotes below). Both believe that a public debate about what truly happened during the attacks of 9/11/01 in the United States continues to be urgent.

"The evidence and the proofs of controlled demolition of the Twin Towers should compel us in this nation to examine who must really be guilty for the crimes of September 11, 2001," Hoffman said. "Had mass media in the U. S. practiced responsible journalism toward those crimes, the Official Story for them would have itself exploded years ago. Instead, we have anthropomorphic absurdities from Glanz and and Lipton and many others."

"The public here stands on the edge of another war, a war on Iran, that derives directly from the 'pretext' that the 'big lie' about September 11, 2001 has provided for a completely unproductive 'War on Terrorism", Paul said. "We ask the authors of City in the Sky to look at findings that any person of fair and open mind can confirm."

Hoffman and Paul will fly themselves to New York City for the prospective debate. Several venues are under consideration.

Excerpts from Hoffman's and Paul's separate presentations to the 'Los Angeles Citizens Grand Jury on the Crimes of September 11, 2001' (from the new DVD, 9/11 Guilt / The Proof Is in Your Hands) are posted at http://www.wireonfire.com/donpaul/911guiltdvd.html.

Ed Asner wrote about this DVD: 'The documentary does an excellent job of connecting the dots about 9/11 and the possible political blueprint and financial reasons leading to the momentous event -- detailed and chilling.'

Kevin Ryan, the Site Director fired by Underwriter Laboratories after declaring that fire could not have been the cause of the three World trade center Buildings' collapses, wrote: 'The video is a great effort to get to the heart of the challenges we all face.'

Other comments about the work of Jim Hoffman and Don Paul follow.

About Waking Up from Our Nightmare (2004): 'Don Paul and Jim Hoffman do the public a great service by graphically exposing some of the lies regarding the crimes of 9/11/01 and then proposing alternatives to the system that perpetrates such crimes and lies'
--Kevin Danaher

About Jim Hoffman's http://911research.wtc7.net/: 'The best research and analysis site on the Web'

About "'9/11'" Great Crimes / A Greater Cover-Up (2003): 'I think the booklet is the most concise, readable and credible piece I have read on the unanswered questions about 9/11'
--Richard Heinberg

About Don Paul's " '9/11' " Facing Our Fascist State (2002): 'The book is an incredibly courageous, revealing blockbuster, a magnificent work of investigative journalism'
--Yuri Kochiyama

'Don Paul has packed an incredible amount of information into this slender volume'
--Bev Conover, Editor of Online Journal