Former Clinton Officials, And 9/11 Commissioner Are Trying To Get Weldon Out Of D.C.

Dear Able Danger Supporter:
On behalf of Congressman Curt Weldon, I am writing to thank you for your continued support of his efforts to uncover the truth behind the Able Danger cover-up. The work behind Able Danger is essential to the security to our Nation, and Congressman Weldon will not rest until all the facts are ascertained.

His ability to continue his efforts are in jeopardy, however, due to a coordinated attack on his re-election bid. Former high-ranking Clinton Administration officials, like convicted criminal Sandy Berger and John Deutch, have launched an effort to raise over one million dollars to support Curt Weldon's opponent. In fact, even 9-11 Commission member, Jamie Gorelick, has contributed to his opponent!! They know that if Congressman Weldon remains in Congress, he will uncover the truths behind Able Danger and they will be found to have turned a blind eye toward pre-9-11 intelligence. Therefore, their goal is simple -- silence Congressman Weldon and the investigations into the Able Danger cover-up.

He cannot continue to uncover the truth, if the Clinton team succeeds in their efforts to unseat him! Congressman Weldon needs your financial support to ensure his return to Congress! Your contribution to his campaign will play a vital role in securing his place in Congress and allowing him to continue his work to ensure we do everything possible to secure the safety of our Nation from threats outside of our borders.

Whether you can send $1,000 or $10, every lit bit helps. You may make a credit card contribution to Congressman Weldon's campaign by visiting his campaign website at or sending a check made payable to the Weldon Victory Committee to:

Weldon Victory Committee
P.O. Box 1992
Media, PA 19063

Thank you for your generosity and any effort you can make to spread the word and garner support for Curt Weldon. I know the Congressman is humbled by the enormous support he has received from great Americans such as you!


Senior Advisor
Weldon Victory Committee
Congressman Curt Weldon (PA-07)