Despite it being fiction, The Da Vinci code is a book which questions long held norms regarding both governmental and religious establishment, and the popularity is surging.

Is this reflective of our society in that we are beginning to be comfortable to explore world changing truths? All this week on TV, the History channel and National Geographic have been airing shows which explore if this alternate truth could be possible.. Why is this book so popular? It is certainly striking a chord.

There was even a conpiracy show on the Freemasons on NG, which I was very surprized to see. They were put in a very negative light.

It may be a superficial trend, but is it possible that our mindsets are changing regarding the nature of our world? Loose change is in the top 100 Torrent downloads, and very popular on Google.

If there's one sad truth about the people in this country, they need either a TV show or a Movie to get their minds going. Is this all leading to a mainstream 9/11 conspiracy show or movie? Is this interest in conspiracy within our government going to lead to the day we've all been waiting for?

I hope.