If You Have A Name, Please Use It

The 9/11 Truth Movement is comprised of many individuals from all over this country, and all over this world. There are people who spend countless hours doing everything they can to tell the next person what's going on regarding the lies surrounding 9/11. They do it with their computers. They do it with their creativity. They do it with what little money they have, and they do it because they know that murdering 3000 of their own is wrong.

A little while ago, a famous person by the name of Charlie Sheen came onto the scene talking about 9/11 Truth. He did a fantastic job, and I give him all of the credit in the world. He was calm. He understood that he was being patriotic. He knew that it was ok to ask questions, and that you shouldn't be chastised for doing it. Of course, as we all know, Charlie got hit pretty hard with the media backlash, and by statements from his ex-wife, Denise Richards. I don't know if any of her allegations are true, but I do know that divorce can be extremely ugly, and I wouldn't put it past anyone to concoct the story of the "wife beating, internet porn addicted" movie star. Especially someone who really had the "hots" for Tommy Lee.

That being said, as a result of the backlash Charlie received, his words about 9/11 truth have no longer gotten any coverage on the television set. The last show that was supposed to be about 9/11 on "Showbiz Tonight" was cancelled. Their reasoning was because they couldn't find someone with an adequate counter-argument. You know, someone from the Commission itself.

Since that time, with the help of movies like "Loose Change 2" from Dylan Avery, and the newly released movie entitled, "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime" from John Albanese, the 9/11 Truth Movement has gained a TREMENDOUS amount of momentum.

However, the TV's are still silent. The TV's are still telling us that everything is ok, and that we should go about our lives, regardless of the fact that, as our President said recently, we're in the middle of "World War III".

We need to hear from those people who can get the Televisions to listen to what they have to say. We need to hear from those people who have a voice in "Today's America" because the people no longer do.

We know you are out there. We hear ramblings from time to time of this "beloved" person, or that "famous" individual who questions 9/11.

Well, where are you? Your country is dying, and "Joe Schmoe American" can only do so much.

It's time to ask yourselves what's more important, your famous name, your famous money, your famous houses, or your children and grandchildrens' futures?

Please make the right decision. Time is no longer on our side.