Here's a letter I got from someone a while ago...

Not posting his name...


I am totaly enthralled by the thread you guys having going on on I am lurker there, rarly post, but I have read nearly every entry that has been made on this topic. I am conspiracy threory enthusiast and genaraly agree that all is NOT as it appears. I am aware of Skull and Bones, trilats., Knights templor, etc... and truelly feel that there is devious human dealings going on there and have been for centeries. Oliver Stone's movie JFK and the book "High Treason" first got me interested in this subject and taught me to question authority.

Just thought I'd let you know that there are those of us out there like you who are not just lemmings in a conga line to nowhere. At the same time I do believe that it is possible to live a life free from thought that provokes the suffering of the human mind. The teachings of the dalai llama and the Sri Lankan teachings of buddha promote and educate how one needs not to dwell on the evils, how one does not need to solve all of the worlds problems to achieve happiness.

Even so, it is hard to stand by idle and let people like George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld brainwash the people of the world. It is truely unnerving. Am I scared? No, Concerned? yes. I know many many people who will vote for Bush -both "good 'ol boys" and the economical elite alike. If I try to warn them of what you say they'd laugh me off the planet. It is sad. Are we crazy? or are they ingorant?

I do belive there is truth behind your words...

curious, what is your take on the moonlanding?

Here was my response

I appreciate EVERYTHING you just said to me, and I thank you for taking the time to write me.

I tend to stay away from "Conspiracy Theories" that can't be proven with some hard evidence. Documents, News Articles, etc...

Do I believe we landed on the moon? Yes. Think of it this way, in the last 100 years we've become the most technologically advanced society in our entire history as humans.

We've proven that ANYTHING is possible with technology.

BTW...I've been telling my friends the truth for over a year, and I STILL haven't convinced the majority of them.

If you've read my articles, you'll know that people are afraid. I DO NOT blame them.

People like you, who are "aware" of what's going on, shouldn't be afraid to at least tell people something credible. Something to get their minds kick started.

They'll figure it out eventually. Sometimes it just takes a little more time.

Again, thanks for writing me.

All I ask is that you remember my Grandfather's name. Walter Gold. And that you spread the word whenever you get the chance. Even if just a little.

I'm doing this GREATLY because I DO NOT want my little brother to go to the Middle East. Don't you know someone you don't want to see hurt?


Here's a present for you.