View Full Version : NY Times To Report On Secret Memo Of Bush, Blair Meeting Before Iraq War

03-26-2006, 10:37 PM
NY Times to report on secret memo of Bush, Blair meeting before Iraq war


Published: Sunday March 26, 2006

The New York Times is planning an article on a secret memo from January 2003 that "sheds light on the buildup and decision-making process before the invasion of Iraq," RAW STORY has learned.

The article, written by Don Van Natta Jr., most likely addresses the Jan. 31, 2003 memorandum which was leaked to a British author and referenced in February of this year. It is unknown whether or not The New York Times was able to obtain a copy of the secret memo, and it remains possible that the Times has acquired a different memo.

According to an article on the memo published by the Guardian in February, "Mr Bush made it clear the US intended to invade whether or not there was a second UN resolution and even if UN inspectors found no evidence of a banned Iraqi weapons programme."

"The diplomatic strategy had to be arranged around the military planning", The Guardian reported that Bush told Blair. The prime minister is said to have raised no objection. He is quoted as saying he was "solidly with the president and ready to do whatever it took to disarm Saddam".

The memo is also said to reveal that President Bush suggested "flying U2 reconnaissance aircraft planes with fighter cover over Iraq, painted in UN colours," in order to provoke Saddam to shoot on them, therefore putting Iraq in breach of United Nations resolutions.

The memo was first obtained by Philippe Sands, a professor of international law at a British university, who wrote about it in an updated edition of his book, Lawless World.

03-27-2006, 12:14 AM
This is gonna be good. Let's just hope its another Downing Street Memo or better.