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03-22-2006, 10:58 AM
Two killed in Bolivia explosions
Two people have been killed in an explosion in a hotel in Bolivia's main city, La Paz. The blast, close to government headquarters, occurred late on Tuesday. Hours later, another hotel in the city was rocked by an explosion.

Several buildings were damaged and at least five people are known to have been injured in the two explosions.

Officials said two foreigners had been detained over the blasts, believed to have been caused by explosives.

Attorney General Jorge Gutierrez said a Uruguayan woman and an American man had been arrested at a hotel in El Alto, 12km (seven miles) outside La Paz.

The first explosion rocked the Linares hotel on Wednesday at 2150 local time (0150 GMT).

Local media say the fatal victims were a young couple. The man was killed instantly, and the woman died later in hospital.

The blast destroyed two floors of the hotel and the windows of surrounding buildings.

The second explosion reportedly occurred at 0145 local time (0545 GMT) at the Riosinho hotel and also caused extensive damage to properties in the area.

Police suspect plastic explosives may have been used.

03-22-2006, 11:43 AM
American Arrested in Bolivian Bombings

Bombs exploded inside two low-budget hotels in Bolivia's capital overnight, killing two people and wounding seven, police said Wednesday. An American was among those arrested.

The explosions occurred Tuesday night and early Wednesday in the historic city center. Police commander Oscar Nina said it was "a case typical of terrorist crime."

Two people - an American and a Uruguayan - were arrested early Wednesday in connection with the bombings, La Paz district attorney Jorge Gutierrez said.

Police planned a news conference later Wednesday to provide more details.

The deaths were caused by the first explosion, Nina said. Police evacuated the second hotel before the blast there.

"The theory we're working on is that both cases are related because bombs were placed inside" the hotels, Nina told reporters.

03-23-2006, 01:06 PM
Evo: US-Explain, Bolivia-Defend
Prensa Latina (http://www.plenglish.com/article.asp?ID=%7B2242FCAB-3CDC-42B7-B675-B567EF7B3176%7D%29&language=EN) (Cuba)

Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Mar 22

Bolivian President Evo Morales called Washington to task Wednesday because of the involvement of a US citizen in the terrorist attacks in his country and called on Bolivians to organize into committees of defense.

Morales summoned the US to honor its antiterrorist preachments and prevent these elements from traveling to Bolivia to engage in antidemocratic, destabilizing terrorist actions.

At the inauguration of the national campaign to give everyone an ID card, Morales expressed enormous concern over the attacks in La Paz that claimed two lives and left seven wounded.

The government congratulated Bolivian intelligence for the rapid arrest of the confessed bombers, a US citizen and an Uruguayan woman.

"Can you believe it, an American planting explosives in hotels in Bolivia?" he asked, adding that such actions are in stark contrast to Washington"s "anti-terror struggle".

"What is happening? They are fighting terrorism and sending people to plant bombs, he said and noted that an analysis showed such actions target the administration and democracy, and especially the changes the Constituent Assembly will bring.

The attacks prove that some conservative groups are using foreign agents to frighten the people and create the image that Evo Morales" government is unable to control Bolivia.

The president challenged speculations that the perpetrators were crazy, making it clear "a US terrorist wanted to panic Bolivia."

Morales called on the people to "unite in their neighborhoods and communities and set up committees for the defense of democracy, dignity and the Constituent Assembly."

The president pointed out that the attacks are coming when the forecasts that his government would be non-viable have proven false in view of its growing popularity home and increasing international support.