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03-12-2005, 06:40 PM
Gen. Myers, Sec. Rumsfeld and DoD Comproller Grilled on Missing Money, War Games and Sex Trade

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On Thursday, March 10, Rep. Cynthia McKinney, recently returned to the House for a sixth term, posed several questions to General Myers (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and the DoD Comptroller Tina Jones for which none had fully forthcoming answers. The Congresswoman asked about defense contractor Dyncorp involvement in the sex trade, the missing trillions from the DoD ("undocumented adjustments from the late 90's) and who the contractors were who responsible for accounting at the Pentagon and finally one regarding the war games conducted by the Military coincident with the attacks of September 11th 2001.

These questions were raised during an Armed Services Committee hearing on the FY 2006 Budget for the Department of Defense (3/10/05) - Go to 25:15:00 in video archived at C-SPAN (see link below). Paraphrased Question 1: Why does Dyncorp continue to recieve contracts from the DoD while it engages in the sex trade? Question 2: Who has the contracts for the accounting at the Pentagon where trillions of dollars are missing? Questions 3, 4, 5: Did the four war games occuring on September 11th impair our ability to respond to the attacks? Who was responsible for managing those war games? and was a National Special Security Event declared for 9/11/01? http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/march2005/240305mckinneygrills.htm

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Sec. of Defense Rumsfeld in House Hearing on FY06 Dept. of Defense Budget Chairman Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and witnesses Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and JCS Chairman General Richard Myers hold a House Hearing on the FY 2006 Budget for the Department of Defense and Military Services.

3/10/2005: WASHINGTON, DC: 2 hr. 5 min.

NOTE: In the C-SPAN video stream Rep. Cynthia McKinney's question time begins at 25:15 and concludes at 33:36 (over three minutes over the five minute limit typically adhered to)

See other related stories posted on this site the past month. (Dayton open letter, Clarke open letter, "Chairman, I have a questions.") For details regarding the designation of a National Security Special Event see Chapter 24 of Crossing the Rubicon (p. 427). Please note that Chairman Myers did not answer specifically as to who was personally responsible for coordinating or managing the multiple war games that morning.

Chairman Myers mentioned several war games but none by name. He did not mention "Vigilant Warrior" (Warrior = FTX or "field training exercise") which according to Richard A. Clarke was what Myers named as the 9/11 war game underway when the attacks began. This was during a video conference that at least according the Myers himself and the Commission he did not participate in. Who is lying? Myers and the Commission or Richard A. Clarke? There is no definitive account of 9/11 until this discrepancy in accounts is cleared up and the questions around the wargames are fully answered.