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03-11-2005, 04:37 PM

My Beloved Americans:

After 30 years of federal service I am FIRED, WITHOUT compensation, NO retirement [I am too young, not for three more years], NO reference letter, unemployed, penniless and in debt 200K from six years of extensive litigation in three court cases resulting from my WHISTLEBLOWER activities -- while the corrupt conspirators used OUR hard earned tax dollars to defend their TREASON against you and I.

- For refusing to tell the corrupt conspirators
what I know of their treason when they
conducted a bogus cover up inquiry on

- For failing to complete 15 cases every day,
yet, NONE of my co-workers completed 15
cases every day
Whistleblower activities which BY LAW are supposed to be protected by Congress through the Whistleblower Protect Act of 1989, illegal retaliation to be investigated and punished by the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) which reports DIRECTLY to Bush.

The OSC recently through out 1,000 whistleblower cases.

Whistleblower retaliation is illegal by law and is supposed to be
protected by the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB).

The DHS FIRED notice will be posted on my webpage later today at
www.maryschneider.us (http://www.maryschneider.us/)

I was a Federal Officer in the Department of Homeland Security,
Citizenship and Immigration Services until 3:30 p.m. on March 10, 2005, when I was illegally FIRED, without compensation, after a 30-year career of federal service, by these traitorous, corrupt conspirators, for having reported their TREASON against We, The People.

I am speaking as a private citizen who, for the past seven (7) years, has been extremely, highly concerned for our national security from extensive treasonous briberies and cover up conspiracies.

1. Illegal Alien Sham Marriages -- quickest and easiest way to a green card

2. Rewarding illegal aliens' numerous FELONY violations of Title 18 of the United States Code, Sections 1001 & 1425
[www.maryschneider.us/title18.php] (http://www.maryschneider.us/title18.php])

3. We Reap What We Sow [www.maryschneider.us/reapsow.php] (http://www.maryschneider.us/reapsow.php])


4. Multitudes of MOROCCANS involved in terrorist-related activities across Europe and in North Africa, i.e. Casablanca and Madrid bombings [see www.maryschneider.us (http://www.maryschneider.us/) main webpage green text box for partial list of names of over 70 Moroccans.

* Moroccans arrested in Fallujah, Iraq fighting U.S. forces;
* About 600 Moroccans are known to have trained in Afghanistan camps
sponsored by Osama bin Laden;
* Morocco warned Spain it lost track of 400 Moroccan Islamist militants
who trained in Al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan, Bosnia or Chechnya;
* Five Moroccans were arrested in Italy in 2003 in possession of
explosives and maps;
* Nine Moroccans were arrested in 2002 with cyanide and maps for the
tunnels beneath the American embassy in Rome;
* At least 17 Moroccans are held at Guantanamo, Camp X-Ray; Moroccans
were aiding Saudis who planned to blow up NATO warships in the
Straits of Gibraltar;
* Moroccans in the U. S. were required by the U. S. government in 2002,
to comply with the mandatory registration program;

5. Outside informants revealed that illegal MOROCCAN Lyazid Abbad who had engaged in four sham marriages attempting to obtain a green card,
purchased two bribery money orders made out to Orlando INS supervisors Susan Dugas and Stella Jarina for $1,500 each. Abbad's felony fraud sham marriage case surreptitiously removed from my office after hours and kept locked secure in their offices for the next six years without denial, prosecution or deportation.

6. INS HQ Investigations Director John Chase and supervisors Dalton McIntosh, Dominick Wazieliewski and Sue Armstrong threatened and/or covered up the briberies together with the DOJ Office of Inspector General Glen Fine and Ft. Lauderdale SAIC Alan Hazen

7. DOJ AG Ashcroft, FBI Freeh and Mueller, DOJ OIG Fine and Congress provided unending opportunities for the conspirators to:

- SHRED SEVEN years of official daily records to prevent
auditing of hundreds of felony fraud sham marriage cases
criminally approved; and

- to criminally DESTROY incriminating material evidence in
the form videotaped interviews of over two hundred felony
fraud sham marriage interviews.

8. Over 2 years prior to 9/11 Osama bin Laden's pilot, Orlando taxi driver Egyptian Ihab Ali was arrested for his complicity in bombings of our American Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, organizing the murders of over 200 innocents from is Orlando apartment; May 23, 1999 Orlando AOL Chat Room participants confirmed illegal MUSLIMS extensive bribery conspiracies naming Orlando INS Supervisors Susan and Stella and implicating staff at then Congressmen Bill McCollum's office

9. Prior to 9/11 FBI Directors Louis Freeh, Robert Mueller and Orlando and Tampa FBI covered up illegal Muslims briberies conspiracies and threatened outside informants to "forget about the briberies and keep quiet" and the DOJ/INS

10. Illegal MOROCCAN Lyazid Abbad chauffeured Osama's brother, Orlando resident Khalil bin Laden to and from Miami and Tampa; prior to 9/11 Rumsfield's DOD-CID knew Abbad had resided with alleged 9/11 ringleader Mohammed Atta in 1996/1997 in the Central Florida area

11. Last summer U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft's immigration court quietly ordered Lyazid Abbad deported without prosecution or testimony before a grand jury or the 9/11 Commission

12. Over 200 suspected or documented felony fraud sham marriage cases were surreptitiously removed from my office and criminally approved or never deneid/deported

13. The greatest percent of illegal Muslim sham marriages being
criminally approved in Orlando are current or former MOROCCAN employees at Disneyworld's EPCOT Morocco Pavilion who bring in over 100 Muslim
Moroccans every year on the Q-1 Visa.

14. FIRED as Whistleblower retaliation for reporting TREASON against the American People

15. TREASON in the highest offices of America in the Executive,
Legislative and Executive Branches of our Government.

While ordering our men and women to be killed, maimed or poisoned overseas THESE SAME TREASONOUS OFFICIALS are giving aid and comfort to illegal MUSLIMS in the United States rewarding their felonies with green cards and ensuing United States citizenship.

16. This treason threatening America's national security is ON-GOING! TREASON: "Disloyalty to one's nation; a person who reneges on an oath of loyalty or a pledge of allegiance, is considered to be a traitor." Article Three of the United States Constitution defines treason as levying war against the United States or giving aid and comfort to its enemies.


www.maryschneider.us (http://www.maryschneider.us/)

03-11-2005, 07:54 PM
- For refusing to tell the corrupt conspirators
what I know of their treason when they
conducted a bogus cover up inquiry on

- For failing to complete 15 cases every day,
yet, NONE of my co-workers completed 15
cases every day


Who was it that questioned you? When did that bogus inquiry take place? Sorry if you've told me and I don't remember...

03-13-2005, 03:12 PM
At www.maryschneider.us, in the left column click on the link: DOJ Attorney General John Ashcroft and read my letter:

redacted Jan 27 2002 Ashcroft Ridge Mueller Fine Ziglar - NO response.doc

Ashcroft, Ridge, Mueller, Fine and Ziglar REFUSED to investigate these criminal conspiracies.

This information was handed over to the corrupt conspirators at INS HQ Investigations who REFUSED to investigate and turned it over to treasonous conspirator INS Miami (Florida District) Director John (Jack) Bulger [the one who is named in many of my whistleblower documents/the one who just fired me].

Bulger sent a NON-investigator supervisor from his Miami office to Orlando to make a [bogus cover up] 'management inquiry'. As an EXTREME conflict of interest, I refused to participate in this bogus cover up inquiry and would not tell the conspirators what information I have on their crimes.

For this I was given a 2nd illegal Suspension for 30 Days Without Pay in June of 2003 [Bulger waited until the exact moment I was scheduled to be out of time AT MY EXPENSE in Miami for a scheduled two week jury trial on my Title VII Civil Rights violation lawsuit against Ashcroft the one {coerced or bribed?} U.S. District Judge Joan Lenard threw out one day prior to jury selection effectively preventing me from exposing in open public court, numerous illegal Muslims' felony fraud sham marriage cases surreptitiously removed from my office and criminally approved or never denied/deported;

one of which was to be illegal MOROCCAN Lyazid Abbad, [who engaged in four sham marriages to four different Americans to obtain a green card], a felony fraud case I would NOT approve;

who purchased two $1,500 money orders made payable to Orlando INS supervisors Susan Dugas and Stella Jarina, the one www.tomflocco.com researched and wrote about in his four articles posted at www.maryschneider.us. who chauffeured Khalil bin Laden to Miami and Tampa and according to DOD-CID and outside informant Christine Sharrit, resided with Mohammed Atta in the Central Florida area in a two bedroom apartment with five or six other Arabs prior to their wedding on Februry 14, 1997.

I have been punished TWICE for refusing to tell the conspirators what I know of their crimes, with an illegal 30 Day Suspension without Pay and FIRED.

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BUMP! Everyone here should read this. JG you are the exception, as I'm sure you read it upwards of a dozen times...