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01-15-2006, 03:05 PM
Most eveyone in the USA knows that the Bush Administration supports, and is supported by, Christian Fundamentalists who believe that the End-Times (Battle of Armageddon, etc.) crap in the Bible can be brought about, or hastened, by the actions of human beings.

But did you know that there are End-Times believers in Islam as well as in Christianity? And that the mullas who are in charge of Iran's effort to build atomic and hydrogen bombs are End-Timers who plan to start the Beginning of the End by bombing Israel off the face of Planet Earth? The President of Iran has stated that goal on American television! Wake up!

So, do not stop Bush-bashing. Instead, expand your horizons. Open up your mind. The American Indian cowboy humorist Will Rogers said this of the human mind: The human mind is like a parachute: useless, unless open!

Do you really think that Senator John "Kerry" was a viable alternative to President Bush? Did you know that Senator "Kerry" is not Irish? Instead, he is a Czech Jew! Since there is absolutely nothing wrong with being Jewish, why does the junior senator from Massachusetts call himself "Kerry" instead of "Kohn," the latter being the actual name of his family? Can you trust anyone who tries to make himself out as something which he is not? Most especially when what he actually is, instead of what he pretends to be, is nothing to be ashamed of!

The message of this posting is that the situation in the world is far worse than having Bush as our president. If the Mullas of Iran somehow are not stopped, then we all will live to see atomic and hydrogen bombs raining down on Israel and Europe, then on Iran, and then on God knows where else!

Learn about the origins of the world's "great" religions. Ancient visionary experiences!



Then, let your politicians know that you know! Start with Bush. But do not stop with Bush. Tell them all. Let them know they are not conning you!

01-15-2006, 03:16 PM
Supposedly, we gave Iran the plans FOR (http://www.yourbbsucks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7477) a bomb. Why on EARTH would we do something like that? If Iran does manage to make them, and does manage to blow up Israel, it is because WE gave them the technology to do so. We have to get control of our country back. I would rather someone who isn't equally as crazy as the President of Iran at the driver's seat of this country if that's ok with you.

If it is proven that Iran wants to use Nuclear technology in order to give their people energy, that's fine by me, but they are to adhere to the strict standards that have been put in place by other nuclear capable countries.

Good Doctor HST
01-15-2006, 05:46 PM
As the Tears For Fears song proclaims... "Everybody wants to rule the World"

As time passes, Iran, North Korea, and other "rogue" nations will possess nuclear weapons. When this happens, nuclear weapons will be used by nations against nations. Simple as that.

The only reason some countries haven't obliterated other countries by atomic means is simply because the technology hasn't been available. In 50 years, you can bet they will have the technology. Then you'll see nuclear strikes against Israel by Iran, and vice versa, and whatever other countries against whatever enemies.

It's only a matter of time.

01-17-2006, 04:06 PM
To Gold: I am in favor of electing a President who does not believe he has a commission from God. Who acts for the common good in the sense that Ben Franklin used that term. Which excludes the Repblicans and Democrats whose votes were bought. And I am tired of "talking points." Like saying that it was OK for the Democrats to take money from the Indian tribes but not OK for the Republicans to take money from the Big Bag Boy. Same money. Same problem. Or, saying that Ireland never had a woman president. Ireland does not have "presidents." The word is "Uchtarain," and we have had two of them. And the Kennedy who said it knew better. He just belives in the Big Lie. In this case, a tiny, little one.

01-17-2006, 04:39 PM
HMMMMM....I don't think the main goal of the Bush types is to help bring the end of the world quicker. That's a little far out.

01-17-2006, 07:24 PM
Or, saying that Ireland never had a woman president. Ireland does not have "presidents." The word is "Uchtarain," and we have had two of them.

In practice, our Presidents are no more than goodwill ambassadors - you ask me the post should be abolished. We do have a female Tainiste [Vice-PM] though, even if she is a vile creature spawned in the vats of some Thatcherite experiment long ago.

But hey, you still can't have a legal abortion in Ireland (outside of rape, incest and threat to a woman's life), and you have to be separated four years before you can divorce - even if your husband beat the shit out of you every day for 20 years.