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Who is Andy the German? (http://eyeonhate.com/mcveigh/mcveigh5.html)

Andy the German is Andreas Carl Strassmeir, son of Guenter Strassmeir, a well known German politician.

In the immediate aftermath of the Oklahoma City Bombing on April 19th, 1995, a lot of people wanted to know who Andy was. His name surfaced early at the McCurtain Daily Gazette (http://www.mccurtain.com/page1.shtml) when reporters began to interview residents of Elohim City, a right-wing compound in Oklahoma, near the Arkansas border where Andy stayed.


Some reporters never forget a name, and J.D. Cash has never forgotten about Strassmeir. On November 28th, Cash reports(1) that former deputy assistant director of the FBI, Danny Coulson is calling for a new OKC bombing probe;

Central to his call for additional investigation are FBI teletypes that were heavily redacted by the agency before their release some weeks ago. Although some sentences and many names are redacted, there was enough information contained in those documents to impress the former OKBOMB commander that more persons were involved in the attack.

Referring to a January 4, 1996 teletype from former director Freeh to a select group of FBI offices, Coulson said that he believes a man he has long suspected should have been more thoroughly investigated in the crime, German National Andreas Strassmeir, is one of the names the bureau has blacked out of those documents.

Coulson said he suspects Strassmeir may have been more involved with McVeigh than the agency has publicly admitted.

The article goes on to talk about information in the teletypes that indicates other informants had infiltrated Elohim City, working for the Southern Poverty Law Center. Therefore, it seems likely that the FBI did indeed know more about an alleged relationship between McVeigh and Strassmeir.

This relationship was confirmed by Carol Howe, a one-time neo-nazi turned ATF informant who also infiltrated Elohim City. She advised that she had seen McVeigh (alias Tim Tuttle) with Strassmeir and also told this information to Cash in an interview.


The weird thing about all of this is that Andy the German, seems to have been under 'official' protection. He just up and left the US in 1996 and moved back to Germany.

Previously in 1992, his car was impounded in Oklahoma, and powerful government officials (http://www.etext.org/Politics/Arm.The.Spirit/Antifa/Research/strassmeir.oklahoma) rose to Andy's aid;

In 1992, Strassmeir's station wagon was impounded by the Oklahoma highway patrol for a traffic violation. In typical cop-shop fashion they searched the car and found a collection of documents in Strassmeir's briefcase, some of them in German as well as a copy of The Terrorist Handbook, a how-to manual demonstrating "the many techniques and methods used by people...who employ terror as a means to political and social goals."

According to tow-truck driver Kenny Pence, Strassmeir brought heavy pressure to bear. "Boy, we caught hell over that one," Pence recalled. "The phone calls came in from the State Department, the Governor's office, and someone called and said he had diplomatic immunity. He was just a weird cookie." Strassmeir says Pence was confused about some of the details but conceded: "Some calls did come in to rattle their cage," he said. "Something must have been said about my father's position."


Strassmeir is identified as being in McVeigh's company by multiple witnesses, including employees of this strip club in Tulsa.


Girls serving their table(3) said they bragged about being rich, and one of the men said, "You're gonna remember me on April 19th, '95. You're gonna remember me for the rest of your life."

The FBI knew this, according to the Club owners who contacted the FBI personally.

Carol Howe went on to say in her reports that Strassmeir openly talked about assassinations, bombings and mass shootings to bring down the US government. (She cleans up real good.)


Nazis and Islamofascism

"...the Muslim Brotherhood was a fascist organization that was hired by Western intelligence that evolved over time into what we today know as al-Qaeda." - John Loftus (http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/Printable.asp?ID=15344)

Neo-nazis and "Islamo-fascists" have a long and sordid history that is relatively unknown(2) to many.

Strassmeir obviously cavorted with neo-nazis, but what about militant Islam? Rumors have been flying for years that the OKC bombing conspiracy had Islamic ties. (google it)

I don't know about that, but I find this extremely odd;

As Germany's defeat loomed during the final months of World War II, Adolf Hitler increasingly lapsed into delusional fits of fantasy. Albert Speer, in his prison writings, recounts an episode in which a maniacal Hitler "pictured for himself and for us the destruction of New York in a hurricane of fire." The Nazi fuehrer described skyscrapers turning into "gigantic burning torches, collapsing upon one another, the glow of the exploding city illuminating the dark sky." - Martin A. Lee (http://www.aijac.org.au/review/2002/275/essay275.html)

Sounds like 9/11 doesn't it?

Now this;

Andreas Strassmeir is important to this story because he not only became a close friend and confidant of Timothy McVeigh, but also because he is regarded by many investigators as John Doe #2, the unknown person assisting McVeigh and Terry Nichols at the scene of the Oklahoma City bombing who was seen by a number of eyewitnesses.

In addition to training various neo-Nazi and militia groups, Strassmeir was involved in a number of very curious activities. According to an FBI report dated May 10, 1995, "Additional documents reveal that at one time Strassmeir was attempting to purchase a 747 aircraft from Lufthansa; however, the reason for the purchase is not reflected in the documents."

In 1995 it would not have been unreasonable for an FBI investigator to give Strassmeir`s attempted purchase of a Boeing 747 mere passing notice. In light of 9/11, however, Strassmeir's aborted airliner purchase gives one pause and raises the real possibility that 9/11 type attacks were being planned as far back as 1995 by insiders in the neo-Nazi/Islamic terrorist network. (And flying a privately owned jet or one operated by remote control would save the problem of hijacking airliners en route.) Strassmeir left the United States shortly after the bombing and currently resides in Berlin. - William Grim (http://www.thejewishpress.com/news_article.asp?article=3433)

The notion that an Islamic/Neo-fascist nexus has been orchestrating terror attacks may be a bit hard to swallow for some, but not for anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory (http://wfmu.org/playlists/dx) who has dedicated his radio program, 'For the Record' to this very topic.

Was Andy the German a protected asset? An agent provacateur? Why did certain elements of the FBI seemingly allow him to leave the country?

Is Andy the German living proof of a Strategy of Tension (http://www.copi.com/articles/guyatt/gladio.html) on the continental US?

I think Mr. Coulson is right. Time for a new investigation.


1 Former high-ranking FBI official calls for new OKC bombing probe (http://www.mccurtain.com/headline.shtml) (May have to view page with Explorer.)

2 Islamism, fascism and terrorism (http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Middle_East/DK05Ak01.html)

3 The 'Lady Godiva's" story and pictures in this blog entry are from the Jon Ronson (http://jonronson.com) documentary, "Secret Rulers of the World"

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You'll find this (http://www.truthemergency.us/movies/CharlesKeyLafPark.mov) interesting.