View Full Version : Train Is Derailed As Snow Brings Chaos Across U.K.

11-27-2005, 07:54 PM
Train is derailed as snow brings chaos across UK


By Stephen Khan
Published: 27 November 2005

An RAF helicopter and other emergency services rushed to evacuate injured passengers from a derailed train near Inverness yesterday as extreme weather conditions continued to cause chaos across Britain.

A spokesman for the Northern Constabulary said there had been about 90 passengers on the Inverness to Edinburgh train that left the tracks at 7.20am. Nine people were taken to hospital, but no one was seriously injured.

While the driver was among those hurt, he was able to walk to a nearby road and raise the alarm. There had been heavy snow and ice in the Inverness area on Friday and the train hit debris on the track caused by a landslide.

There were similar scenes of chaos at the other end of the UK. In Cornwall, more than 500 motorists returned home yesterday after spending Friday night in a leisure centre. A deluge of snow had stranded traffic on the A30 on Bodmin Moor.

Police yesterday warned motorists to drive only when necessary and to be prepared for the snow and ice. Devon and Cornwall Police said that all major routes were open by last night, but there was "a serious problem with ice" and many drivers were still ignoring the dangers and travelling too fast.

Royal Marines assisted in the rescue effort and police said it would take most of the weekend to clear the area properly.

A fire engine had left the eastbound carriageway of the A30 near Launceston as it answered an emergency call. Six firefighters were airlifted to hospital by an RAF helicopter. One suffered serious but not life-threatening internal injuries, while two of the men fractured bones.

The remaining three firemen have since been released from hospital, Devon and Cornwall Police said yesterday.

A spokesman for the Press Association Weather Centre said the blizzards in Cornwall were "pretty unusual" for November, so the area was less prepared to deal with the conditions.

However, the spokesman said it looked as if the weather was now going to improve in the worst-affected areas. He said: "In general, it seems as if it's going to be slightly milder. In both Wales and Scotland it is getting warmer, and any snow will probably be over higher ground. The area to watch out for is through Essex up to Birmingham, where we may see some snow. However, it doesn't look as if it will cause any major disruption."

In Paris, snow forced the Eiffel Tower to close, while Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany were also hit.