View Full Version : MoD Probe Into Naked Marines' Initiation Fight

11-26-2005, 10:21 PM
MoD probe into naked marines’ initiation fight


David Sanderson

AN INVESTIGATION has been launched by the Ministry of Defence after the publication of a video apparently showing a violent initiation ceremony for Royal Marine recruits.

In the film, naked marines are shown reportedly cheering as two new recruits are ordered to fight each other. The incident is said to have taken place last May at Bickleigh barracks near Plymouth, which is home to 42 Commando.

A spokesman for the ministry said: “Bullying and harassment are not widespread within the armed forces. Behaviour of this kind will not be tolerated.”

According to one commando reportedly in attendance, the man orchestrating the fight had taken 12 recruits fresh from a 32-week training course to a barbecue with about 40 other marines. Having forced them to swallow raw eggs and chunks of lard he allegedly ordered the recruits to strip naked and run around the field.

After changing into a surgeon’s outfit with mask and cap, he and another marine, dressed in a St Trinian’s schoolgirl uniform with wig and short skirt, supervised the fight. Naked marines are seen watching as the two men hit each other with large mats fixed to their arms. It is understood the most senior soldiers present were a corporal and a lance corporal.

The commando who covertly filmed the events told the News of the World the “surgeon” swung a punch at one of the fighters after he complained but missed and then knocked him unconscious with his shin. oA plan to build two giant aircraft carriers for the Royal Navy is in disarray amid repeated delays to the signing of the production contract and doubts over what aircraft will be available to fly from them.

The delivery date of the first of the carriers will now be pushed back four years to at least 2016. The overall cost is predicted to climb from £2.8 billion to as much as £4.2 billion.

Further complications have been caused by fears in America that the country’s Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) project, which it is proposed the carriers should deploy, may be scrapped. With Britain’s existing carriers, Ark Royal and Illustrious, due to be decommissioned by 2013, the navy faces keeping them in service or enduring a gap of three years with no replacements.