View Full Version : Hizbollah Tells Lebanese to Cool Anti-Syria Line

02-19-2005, 06:28 PM
This means so much coming from a Terrorist Organization.:rolleyes:


02-19-2005, 06:32 PM
Though Chirac says they are not a Terrorist organization. Just remember Al Capone use to open soup kitchens. Their social service wing is a cover.

Chirac rejects FM's request to add Hezbollah to EU terror list

French President Jacques Chirac on Monday rebuffed Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom's request to add the militant Hezbollah organization to the European Union's list of terror organizations.

During a meeting with Shalom on Monday afternoon, Chirac said France's efforts in the coming weeks will be focused primarily on the democratic process in Lebanon and the upcoming elections to be held in two months.

Shalom made the request during a meeting with his French counterpart Michel Barnier earlier this month.

The EU will hold an initial discussion on the Israeli request, which is based on the danger posed by Hezbollah to new Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

Both Israeli and Palestinian sources have accused the Hezbollah of trying to organize Palestinian attacks on Israelis, in order to torpedo the cease-fire understandings reached between Abbas and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon at Sharm el-Sheikh last week.

France has played the primary role in blocking the addition of the Hezbollah to the list to date.