View Full Version : Teacher Warned for Bush Costume

11-06-2005, 05:17 PM

Teacher's costume scares up complaint

Record-Eagle staff writer

INTERLOCHEN - A Halloween costume donned by a teacher at Lake Ann Elementary scared up a complaint from a parent spooked by its political message.
David Micinski, Benzie Central superintendent, said a parent who was at the school for Monday's Halloween festivities took issue with the teacher's costume - a mask depicting President George W. Bush and a shirt that allegedly read "I am evil."
Micinski would not identify the teacher, calling handling of the complaint an "internal matter," but said district administrators followed disciplinary procedure outlined in the teacher's employment contract.
He said district policy allows for employees to exercise their free speech rights, but not on school grounds during work hours.
"It wasn't the appropriate place for that political statement," he said.
School board member Katherine Ross said the teacher received a warning for her behavior, which she doesn't believe was intended to be inflammatory.
"If she had been in Traverse City on a street corner during a peace demonstration, it would be different," Ross said. "But we try to keep politics at kind of an even keel."
The teacher did not return the Record-Eagle's calls seeking comment.