View Full Version : Jay Leno on Politics

11-05-2005, 07:30 PM
As you know Prince Charles is also known as the "Prince of Wales"...which I believe is Clintons nickname isn't it?

-There's a lot of talk on the Alito guy. In college he led a student conference to legalize sodomy and oral sex. Well, that should get the Democrats behind him!

-In Utah, a judge is in trouble for having three wives. You know what the penalty is for having three wives? Three mother-in-laws!

-The new head of NASA says the United States can't afford to do the next moon mission alone. He says the cost is too great for one country to bear. That's depressing, isn't it? Gas is so expensive we have to carpool to the moon now.

-In a stunning breakthrough, IBM has developed a silicone chip that can slow down the speed of light. They slowed down the speed of light! It's based on FEMA technology.