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Ottawa Cements U.S. Hegemony Over Canada - 9/11 The Pretext
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Date: October 21, 2005

by Ken Fernandez , B.C.L, Ll.B., President of the Quebec Wing of the Canadian Action Party and CAP candidate St Laurent-Cartierville

“If you tell a lie long enough, eventually it will be believed as truth... the greater the lie, the more likely people will believe it” - Adolf Hitler

"But what is one to say of an act of destructive ferocity so absurd as to be incomprehensible, inexplicable almost unthinkable; In fact mad? Madness alone is truly terrifying" - Joseph Conrad, The Secret Agent, London, 1907.

As the fourth anniversary of 9/11 approached in the year 2005, many of us were still wondering what precisely happened on that terrifyng day. What is certain, is that the official story, the “party line” emanating from Washington, and faithfully repeated by Ottawa, has been glibly trotted out in the complete absence of any shred of supporting proof, while the overwhelming body of evidence pointing to the tragic events of 9/11 as having been carefully orchestrated by what some consider to be the most powerful people in the world, have been entirely ignored, and those who [attempt to]bring it to light, are either ignored in the cacaphony of hysteria and deception, or are branded “conspiracy theorists”.

Very troubling is the fact that the Government of Canada has been cementing US control over Canada and Canadians under the pretext of the "war on terror". Most recently, it would seem that the U.S. got Canada to agree to U.S. demands that Canadians branded "potential terrorists" are to be barred from the right to fly, a right guaranteed under s.6 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of the Canadian Constitution. If the U.S. precedent is anything to draw from, what the U.S. government got from its henchmen in Ottawa, is a ban against travelling levelled at any Canadian who expresses concerns and reservations over the U.S. government's agenda. Several Green Party USA editions of its e-mail bulletin report that such has been the fate of senior Green party USA officials, who were listed as potential terrorists and/or terrorist sympathizers, and therefore barred from flying both internally, and out of the country. Thus, democratic dissent, a right that has long been recognized, and one enshrined in the Constitution of Canada, will, be severely curtailed if Justice Minister Irwin Cotler has his way, via entirely arbitrary and secretive decisions made by a government - presumably that based in Washington - for which a handful of front-people based in Ottawa, masquerade as ministers. Since Ottawa had gone so far as to black out pages from a report compiled by its own External Affairs department concerning the prospect of Canadians being abducted via "renditions" (truly Orwellian newspeak- the proper English word is kidnap) by Bush's agents, we should be very seriously concerned about the "no fly" list being used to compile names of possible Canadian abductees.

The U.S. president intimated that such was possible, inasmuch as he stated that Canadians should be sure that the U.S. will do whatever it sees fit in order to protect its integrity against terrorists. In that light, Canadians would do well to remember that the current regime in Washington believes strongly in "pre-emptive strikes" (which could explain why the administration in Ottawa blacked out External Affairs' above-mentioned report, as noted by the Montreal Gazette), while their own elected officials are determined to prove their loyal commitment to the "war on terror"

These measures come on the heels of "anti-terrorism legislation" by which the police can conduct searches and seizures of a person's property at will and without a warrant, can arrest and detain a person on suspicion of terrorism, and that person's defence counsel cannot even see, much less test, the evidence presented by the secret services, and martial law could be imposed at the will of a handful of ministers. Additionally, U.S. forces have been permitted to land and operate within Canada without having to seek the Canadian government's prior permission - and can operate "near the border" Incidentally, our biggest population centres are near the border.

Anyone familiar with Ottawa would know that such a measure could not possibly have emanated from the Liberal ADMINISTRATION. One is hard pressed to call it a government.

To illustrate the point, the John Manley's Task Force on still further integration [of Canada and Mexico and the USA ] which was launched amid considerable fanfare in the spring of this year, was unveiled the day after Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, announced the death of the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA) by which the US and its concerns would have had untrammelled access to the entire continent's resources. The timing of the launch of the task force, and its goals - the dismantling of the borders, the adoption of US immigration laws, as well as its foreign and defence policies, the latter under the aegis of the U.S. Northern Command (NORCOM), and greater pursuit of free trade (brainchild of Ronald Reagan's National Security Advisor, Richard Allen) - could not have come at a better time for the U.S. as Venezuela's announcement signalled a threat to U.S. dominance over its, and by extension, Latin America's considerable riches which have long been coveted by various U.S. corporate entities whose directors have been scions of Washington's political elite. Venezuela's clear indication that it will not accept the subversion of its national interests in favour of a foreign power, and the coterie of multi-national corporations that drive that country's agenda, however, meant that Washington must be sure of a reliable client state ready to ply it with oil even at the expense of the great majority of its citizens.

The declaration made by Manley et al., gave the pantheon of nations to understand that the U.S. would be assured [control over] Canada's wealth of strategic resources, especially oil, courtesy of an entirely compliant Canadian government determined to show the entire world the degree to which it is committed to Canada's vassalage. Indeed, Canadians have only to go to the gas pumps to see this reality.

In a similar vein, this author personally witnessed Janet Bax, Director for Emergency Planning, Government of Canada, deliver a speech to the Universite du Quebec a Montreal's (UQAM's) Chaire Raoul Dandurand (a "think tank" devoted to promoting the U.S.' absorption of Canada) in which she stated that the then Minister John Manley who had set up a task force along with Tom Ridge, reported to the latter on a regular basis, while the Sollicitor General's department shares information with Ridge's Homeland Security on a daily basis. This is one among many examples of the "Liberal" Government of Canada consistently carrying out orders from its U.S. counterpart, inspite of the fact that the orders in question are eroding the nation to the point where its dissipation has been set in motion in a secretive and underhanded way.

It is interesting to note that shortly after 9/11, Raymond Chretien, Jean Chretien's nephew, who, at the time was ambassador to the U.S., advocated the physical removal of the border, a measure which is now being instituted, as the Canadian government acts to make "North America" a "seamless" body. The fact that the Canadian government should be so complicit in undermining Canada's sovereignty and national security,is shocking in and of itself.

Very disturbing is the fact that close examination of the facts surrounding the events of 9/11 show that on September 11th, there were "excercises" which entailed planes flying into buildings. Given the scope and magnitude of those excercises, they had to have been held under NORAD's auspices. As Canada is a partner, albeit a junior one, its government had to have been informed of these excercises ahead of time. This is all the more since the deputy head of NORAD at that time, was, according to Paul Martin, a Canadian. (The Prime Minister made this statement during the course of an interview with Peter Mansbridge prior to the last federal elections of 2004).

Equally distrubing is evidence of Canadian complicity in the subsequent invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. This information can be found from Canada's links to the shadowy Carlyle Group, in which the Bush and Bin Laden families, are, in fact, business associates. It is equally well established that the said company is heavily involved in activities related to armaments and violence, as well as "data compilation, collation, and collection" (which looks remarkably like spying), as well as communications. What is less well known is Canada's involvement in the Carlyle Group. Not only has the Government of Canada invested very large sums of our money in the Carlyle Group via the Canada Pension Plan, according to Press for Conversion (a very well-researched magazine issued by the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade), but curiously,Frank McKenna, who was recently appointed Canada's ambassador to Washington, was on the board of directors of Carlyle Group. Moreover, there are reports to the effect that the "Liberal" Government of Canada made the appointment shortly after McKenna played a game of golf with Former CIA Director and U.S president, George Bush. Canadians should not wonder at the sad spectacle of the "Liberal" government advancing the U.S. (Carlyle Group's?) government's strategic interests at the expense of their own nation. The business interests held by the "Canadian political elite" are convergent with those of their U.S. counterparts, but entirely antithetical to those of the nation, and the vast majority of its people.

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Another glaring example of this trend to follow Washington's dictates, is the Canadian government's acceptance of U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's unilateral declaration that the U.S. Northern Command would have control over Canada. In fact, what the Canadian Government has done, is to accept de-facto U.S. military occupation of Canada. As such, what passes for a government in Canada, has simply ceded control over the formulation of defence policy in the US' favour. Thus, Canadian forces have, in fact, been integrated into the U.S.' Northern Command, which,should come as no surprise, given the close links between the arms industry -Carlyle Group among other companies, which stand to make a windfall from war-mongering, which is neither feasilbe, nor marketable in Canada (unless presented as "peacekeeping"). The fact that Canada has been absorbed into the U.S. Northern Command, would, of course, explain why Canadian troops are on the ground in Afghanistan, in addtion to being involved in the invasion and brutal occupation of Haiti, not to mention the reversal of that country's duly elected government. More disturbingly it also explains why Canada has already agreed to participate in the U.S' Star wars programme - albeit secretively - now dubbed "Missile Shield", as Canada will have to join in any U.S. adventure, no matter what the circumstances or the country.

None other than Carlyle Group's one-time Director and former New Brunswick Premier, Frank McKenna, acknowledged Canada's commitment to the "Star Wars" programme, while Prime Minister Paul Martin, said otherwise. Needless to say, Carlyle Group, along with the Canadian big businesses that are heavily involved in the arms industry, and enjoys close ties to the Liberal Party, such as SNC Lavallin, Bombardier, Canadian Aviation Electric, etc. will benefit greatly from the pursuit of continental madness that will spearhead an arms race, as other countries, namely Russia and China, will no doubt engage in countering what they could only perceive to be a threatening measure. Their counterracting it will invariably result in an increased arms race, such that the spectre of World War three will grow by leaps and bounds, while the coffers of certain Canadian corporations grow that much richer, together with those of the unions to which their employeees belong.

Similarly, control over pharmaceutical products and immigration policy has also been handed over, all under the guise of "war on terror", which, we are told, necessitates close co-operation with our neighbours, as our country is supposedly a "haven" for "terrorists", a baseless claim made hysterically in the absence of any proof, yet one, which appears to have motivated the Canadian government to have handed Maher Arar over to U.S. kidnappers and torturers, some of which were surrogate.

Evidence of the Canadian government's adoption of the U.S. agenda is not only to be seen from a foreign policy standpoint, however. Prior to the last election, the tax information on every single Canadian was handed over to the U.S. government - a move made without even a debate on the issue -let alone a vote or plebiscite, while, courtesy of yet another one of the Canadian government's secretive moves, the world's largest arms manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, will henceforth be taking Canadians' personal details via subsequent censuses, thereby eliminating Stats Can's role in the same. The prospects for various U.S. agencies' giving their agents Canadians' identities based on the data in question raises very serious concerns for Canadians' safety and integrity.

All of these measure, which have been eroding our country's very existence, have been secretively carried out under the guise of the war on terror. A close examination of the numerous holes in the party-line raises serious questions that must be answered to dispel the conclusion that the event triggering the above-mentioned series of draconian, Washington-driven measures, was, in fact, a carefully orchestrated black bag operation designed to advance U.S. hegemony over Central Asia. Such hegemony grants to the U.S.' corporations a control over that area's rich oil reserves, while hemming Russia and China in. The war on terror set forth the perfect excuse to bring about martial law, albeit in piecemeal fashion.

CAP/PAC Vice President Michael Pengue's detailed review of the facts surrounding 9/11 is posted on the website of the Canadian Action Party www.canadianactionparty.ca (http://www.canadianactionparty.ca/) under articles/opinions dated 11,2005. It is titled On 9/11: Paul Hellyer interviewed followed by Unanswered Questions. Pengue reviews the US's hegemonic agenda being set out in both the Project for the New American Century, as well as in Zbigniew Brzesinski's "The Grand Chessboard". Both of these have been ignored by the Canadian media, which has, in its usual servility mirroring that of its U.S.-based counterparts, proclaimed those committed to examining the facts as "consiparcy theorists" etc. Thus have the High priests of globalization and their faithful altarboys in Ottawa, averted or otherwise, largely prevented, veritable examination of the facts underlying 9/11.

As a consequence, the public has largely been shielded from information as to the strategic interests at stake, and from information about the importance of the event in order to secure certain commodities, particularly , though by no means exclusively, oil. In a way, we Canadians cannot and should not, expect more from our government. After all, notwithstanding the “Red Book” promises of 1993, this Liberal regime, even more than its radically pro-U.S. “Progressive-Conservative” predecessor, has remained steadfast in its pursuit of “free trade” which senior Reagan officials, namely Richard Allen, Reagan's National Security Advisor, called for in order that the U.S.be assured of a stable and secure oil supply. Moreover, since the 11th of September, 2001, we have been treated to a nearly daily spectacle of fear-mongering from the Canadian government and media, to the point where we have been continuously told that Al- Qaeda can strike anywhere, and at any time. We have been told, by way of innuendo, that our society's liberalism is such as to encourage terror such that we are left vulnerable thereto, and that, we, Canadians, must rely on U.S. institutions to “protect” us. Hence, we are subjected to the measures referred to above, which, incidentally, mirror those contained in the USA Patriot Act.

We have also been treated to the spectacle of Canadian military personnel extolling the virtues of "the Afghan campaign", such that they are seen as rebuilding communities without mention of the fact that Canadian forces also bombed Afghanistan with cluster bombs, depleted uranium, and god knows what else. Also left out of the equation is Brzezinskis's boast as to his having been successful at inducing the Soviets to invade Afghanistan, and thereafter bogging them down in a vicious, and unwinnable war. Interestingly enough, prior to the total undermining of Afghanistan, that country was a destination of choice for hippies, due to its tradition of openness. Even more interesting is the fact that Afghanistan never was a "radically muslim" society -there have been women lawmakers there as far back as 1921, when they did not exist in the West at the time. Yet Canadian and "coalition" forces are portrayed as "liberators" who are attempting to restore "democracy" and women's rights. The imposition of the Taliban regime on Afghanistan by the U.S. is a matter of public record, but one which does not fit in with the [Canadian] media's actual role, so it does not figure into the discourse on programmes like the National News, or One on One with Peter Mansbridge. Nevertheless, the BBC did report that the "new" Afghan government has been re-instating a high number of Taliban ministers. This report, too, was ignored by the Canadian press, which prefers to believe the fairy tale regarding the desire to weed out the Taliban root and branch. Similarly, reports about innocent Afghanis being rounded up by Pakistanis to whom the military and police pay up to $5,000 per head and resell them to American forces for $25,000 each as "insurgents" or "Taliban fighters" are also entirely blotted out by the custodians of information. St-John put it most adroitly in saying "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free"

Atif Rafay, a young Canadian, and his friend, Sebatian Burns,were handed to the wolves in a Seattle-area jail. Jamaat ul-Fuqra is a violent movement that reportedly has a network of training centres across the U.S.. Rafay and his friend were convicted of the murder of Rafay's father in the outskirts of Seattle, despite the evidence pointing to ul Fuqra, and notwithstanding that the RCMP played a leading role in their shameful arrest, detention, and conviction, insofar as Canada's national police force coerced "confessions" from the boys under threat of serious harm being done them, while crucial evidence that would have proved their innocence as well as the participation of Ul Fuqra, was never brought to light.

The question is, why did Canadian officials not stand up for justice for one of their own citizens and his friend by sending the boys back to Seattle to stand trial, when there was clear exculpatory evidence? Why did the Canadian national police, the RCMP play a leading role in scapegoating the boys in question, in collusion wtih various U.S. police agencies, as this had the effect of shielding the radical islamic group. What about the Minister of Justice, who could easily have blocked their return? Were the RCMP officers involved acting under the Solicitor General's orders? If so, under whose instructions was he acting? Was the Solicitor General responding to the head of the U.S. Homeland Security department during one of their weekly "briefing sessions" which Janet Bax said they hold? If so, then from this case alone, it is clear that support for radical islamic groups are part and parcel of state policy, and equally clear that this current administration in Canada will, like any good colonial subject, be faithfully on hand to carry out instructions, despite the consequences to its own citizens, and in spite of the very principles of democracy, fairplay, and justice, all of which this government claims to follow.

Questions that require answer are: What is ul-Fuqra's role, and is it involved in various strategically vital theatres of operations such as Chechnya, Afghanistan,Bosnia, etc? More importantly, is it an adjunct of Carlyle?

For more information, contact Ken Fernandez at

Read the review of the facts surrounding 9/11 compiled by Michael Pengue at www.canadianactionparty.ca (http://www.canadianactionparty.ca/) under articles/opinions dated September 11, 2005


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