View Full Version : Cuba Faces U.S. Airwave Attack

11-01-2005, 11:26 AM
Cuba Faces US Airwave Attack


Havana, Oct 31 (AIN) As part of its efforts to influence the Cuban people, the US government spends valuable resources transmitting radio frequencies to the island; an unprecedented aggression in the history of telecommunications.

Carlos Martinez, an engineer and general director for the Control and Supervision division of the Ministry of Computer Sciences and Communications, pointed out that the US government transmits through short wave, medium wave, frequency modulation and television, some 2,267 hours a week.

All 29 stations broadcasting from the US to Cuba are aimed at fomenting subversion and at overthrowing the Cuban government. This aggressive policy by Washington is in complete violation of all the norms set out by the International Telecommunication Union and Radio Communications Board.

Cuba has condemned this hostile policy at several international forums; nonetheless the US continues to ignore and flout the principles and regulations of international communication organizations.