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02-13-2005, 09:10 PM
The name of a Moroccan recently arrested for involvement with a terrorist group attempting to purchase explosives in Europe is the exact same name of a Moroccan I interviewed whose sham marriage case was surreptitiously removed from my office and criminally approved for a green card; this may or may not be the same person, but it is not a common name heard frequently. See investigative journalist Tom Flocco's recent January 28th article.

While John Doe American citizens are put through the ringer to get on a plane, our privacy trampled on, being monitored as if we are criminals by an errant FBI, CIA, NSA, etc., although there has been a documented KNOWN terrorist cell operating out of the Orlando/Central Florida area, these same White House, Executive Branch and Congressional officials protect illegal Muslims/Moroccans who may be engaged in seditious activities, rewarding their known felonies and sham marriages with green cards and our highest privilege of United States citizenship, providing opportunities for federal jobs with access to classified information.

The very fact that these conspirators have kept these conspiracies off mainstream media who will not print investigative journalist Tom Flocco's articles is very telling in and of itself. ***over 7,000 media emails, in and outside of the U.S., were provided this information.

After much research I have posted just a 'partial' list of the names of over 70 Moroccans involved in terrorist activities, YET the SAME officials who are sending our American men and women to die or have their arms, legs and hands blown off in Iraq and Afghanistan, [see list of officials in the U.S. Executive and Legislative Branches as well as over 50 media], these SAME officials are KNOWINGLY supporting these 'ON-GOING' treasonous briberies and cover up conspiracies of giving aid and comfort to ILLEGAL MUSLIMS, the greatest percent being Moroccans who entered on a Q Visa to work at Disney's EPCOT Moroccan Pavilion] rewarding their numerous felonies and Sham marriages with green cards and United States citizenship.

***Please take a brief look at the green text box towards the end of my main web page titled "Partial List of Moroccans..." at: www.maryschneider.us

- Moroccans arrested in Fallujah, Iraq fighting U.S. forces
- About 600 Moroccans are known to have trained in Afghanistan camps sponsored by Osama bin Laden;
- Morocco warned Spain it lost track of 400 Moroccan Islamist militants who trained in Al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan, Bosnia or Chechnya;
- Five Moroccans were arrested in Italy in 2003 in possession of explosives and maps;
- Nine Moroccans were arrested in 2002 with cyanide and maps for the tunnels beneath the American embassy in Rome;
- At least 17 Moroccans are held at Guantanamo, Camp X-Ray;
Moroccans were aiding Saudis who planned to blow up NATO warships in the Straits of Gibraltar;
- Moroccans in the U. S. were required by the U. S. government in 2002, to comply with the mandatory registration program;

...name of over 70 Moroccans involved in terrorist activities in Europe...


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