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08-19-2005, 03:36 PM
TREASONGATE: Total Media BLACK OUT of 18 USC 794, Federal Espionage Statute

In my two part series, TREASONGATE: The Controlling Law,
Part 1 Part 2 I discussed the fact that the Intelligence Identities Protection Act is virtually irrelevant as to the Valerie Plame CIA leak investigation. I focussed on the applicability to this fact pattern of 18 USC 793 and 794, the espionage statutes of the United States Code.

Let's go back now, back to the beginning of this affair. Ever since this thing hit the news with gusto only equalled by Monica's dress, we have seen, heard and been witness to a main stream media and main stream blogosphere feeding frenzy of pundits politically analyzing the irrelevant IIPA. What a time they were having until Citizen Spook came along and outed their ruse.

And what timing that the AIPAC indictments should come out a few days after Citizen Spook published this anaylsis, (see TREASONGATE: The Controlling Law, Part 2: THE DEATH PENALTY, 18 USC 794 and the shift from GWOT to GSAVE ). Those indictments were based on 18 USC 793.

But more interesting and more juicy for the media is the simple application of 18 USC 794(b) which provided for the death penalty or life in prison for perpetraitors of espionage "in time of war".

We discussed the diplomatic policy shift from GWOT, global war on terrorism, to GSAVE, global struggle against violent extremism, and how that shift may be evidence of the Bush admin having worries about prosectuion under the controlling espionage laws.

We discussed that 794(b) is met under this fact pattern of the Plame affair since it only requires that the information communicated by the perp be "related to the public defense" and that the perp must intend for that info to be communicated to the "enemy". We distinguised between the term "enemy" and the term "foreign nation" because "enemy" is much broader and does include "the terrorists".

We also discussed that federal case law has held that giving the relevant info to the press is no different than giving it directly to a spy for purposes of the intent requirement of that law.

So why hasn't the main stream media and most of the blogosphere picked up on this story?


I submit that you may begin to "out" everybody in the media and blogosphere based upon their decision to cover 18 USC 794 or not to cover it.

Those who don't cover it, are knowingly or unknowingly, aiding and abetting treason. Coverage of the Intelligence Identities Protection Act was exhaustive, from CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, the liberal blogs, the conservative blogs, etc. It was everywhere as the debate raged on about what was classified and who knew what at what time.

Crapola was fed to the masses. The IIPA is not the espionage act and does not lead to treason convictions. C'mon people, we have a little body of law which is called


Let's use it.

Many small web blogs did cover my report on 18 USC 794, and for that, we the people, owe them a debt of gratitude. The only main stream alternative web site which covered my report on 18 USC 794 and the death penalty was Jeff Rense. Rense had an entire section based upon TREASONGATE, which linked to four of my reports. That section has now been removed at rense.com. I dont know why, but I've written Jeff and asked him if there was a problem.

But here we have the biggest story in US history. Treason was perpetrated on this country by the White House. We know the memo listed Plame's ID as "secret" and that classification is prima facia proof of how important it was to national security. She was working on WMD. All of the requirements of 18 USC 794(b) have been met with much more convincing power than under the IIPA, so why has our very own United States Code been ignored.

It's frightening to finally see how deep the rabbit hole goes isn't it.

This information, this law, this US Code, is not speculation or theory. This is the law and it's rock solid.

Where is the press now?
Where is the blogosphere?
Where is the feeding frenzy?
We had it for the IIPA, but for our very own US Code, it's gone, voila.

You knew the info is being controlled, but now you know that it's infected many of your favorite blogs and so called liberal journalists. We've given them a story here at Citizen Spook. Why aren't they running with it?

It's a simple Code, much easier to explain to the people than the IIPA, but it's not as easy to spin and argue about. It's clear, the White House is guilty as sin under 18 USC 794 (and 793) and the penalty is frightening to them.

Take over the blogs.
Take over the comments.
Write letters to the editor.

Where are the big time liberal pundits who are supposed to be fighting against this administration?

Where is the Conyers Blog?
Where is Raw Story?
Where is The Brad Blog?
Where is Daily Kos?
Where is The Huffington Post?
Where is Air America Radio?

Yes, the rabbit hole is deep, but it ends right here.

If the same amount of energy that went into the analysis of the IIPA was applied to 18 USC 794, the White House would be in serious trouble and would be forced to change their plans. They wouldn't have the same time they have now, time to create intricate diversions, time to commit more treason.

America, you have the means to fight this information war and you have the means to demand the media step up and tell the people what laws have been broken. And in doing this you can make them squirm, and you can force their hand and make them act with less time to plan. By exposing the truth, you force them to move faster, to rush their plans and in doing that they are more prone to make a mistake.

Nobody does anything as thorough when they are rushing, compared to when they have time to plot. By ignoring discussion about 18 USC 794 and the death penalty or life in prison, the main stream media and blogosphere are aiding and abetting the enemy by giving it time and resources to plot further treason.

The IIPA discussion was a calculated ruse designed to distract you from the real controlling law, 18 USC 793 and 794.

What are you going to do about it America?

Make some noise, make a lot of noise. If you don't, you have nothing to complain about when they survive this and thereafter bring you tyranny beyond your vision.

What doesn't kill them (by this I mean the law) makes them stronger. They destroyed a network of USA intelligence operations, operations that must have been getting close to uncovering treason worse than the treason they committed by outing Plame and Brewster Jennings et als.

This is war people. There are no civilians in an information war. You're either for the truth and the law, or your against it.

by Citizen Spook


coming soon: Citizen Spook on "Treasongate Deciphered", this will blow your mind.