View Full Version : DEA setting up marijuana seed buyers

Uber Commandante
08-17-2005, 08:52 AM
This is a folllow-up to last weeks story about the DEA going into Canada and shutting down Marc Emery Direct Seeds - a business that has been going strong in Vancouver BC for the past 10 years with the full knowledge of the Canadian government.

People around the world are now receiving these letters - they look as if they have come from Marc Emery Direct seeds, but they have not - the are sent by the US DEA in an attempt to get people to respond and thereby incriminate themselves. Here is the letter:


We know this because Marc Emery Direct never sends any incriminating info along with the seeds.

Full story here:


Its probably not likely, but if you do know anyone growing, now would be the time to pass along this information regarding the escalation of the drug war, because one war is never enought for tyrants.