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08-13-2005, 01:25 PM
Fox News Smears Cindy Sheehan

Click Here (http://movies.crooksandliars.com/John-Gibson-smears-Cindy.wmv)

This is just really pathetic.

08-13-2005, 01:41 PM
I would very much like to see Fox News off the air. VERY much.

08-13-2005, 01:54 PM
Joseph Goebbels


(Gold9472: I thought this appropriate.)

Order: 25th Chancellor of Germany
Term of Office: April 30 - May 1, 1945
Predecessor: Adolf Hitler
Successor: Count Lutz Schwerin von Krosigk
Date of Birth: October 29, 1897
Date of Death: May 1, 1945
Political Party: NSDAP
Profession: journalist

Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels (October 29, 1897 – May 1, 1945) was Adolf Hitler's Propaganda Minister (see Propagandaministerium) in Nazi Germany. He also served as Chancellor for one day, following Hitler's death.
Goebbels was known for his zealous and energetic oratory, virulent anti-Semitism and perfection of the so-called Big Lie technique of mass propaganda.

Goebbels was born to accountant Friedrich Goebbels and his wife Marian (née Oldenhausen) in Rheydt (now Mönchengladbach), a Catholic area in the Rhineland. Because of a club foot, he was rejected when he volunteered for military service at the beginning of World War I. After earning a Ph.D. from the University of Heidelberg in 1921, he worked as a journalist and wrote some literature. Joining the Nazi Party in 1924 (he later claimed to have joined the party in 1922), he initially opposed Hitler's leadership, but later changed sides to support him. His diary shows many instances of great admiration for Hitler.

In December 1931, he married divorcee Magda Quandt, whose son, Harald (from her previous marriage to a doctor), accompanied them beneath the raised arms of an SS honour guard (Harald, who served as a non-com in the Luftwaffe, was the only one of Magda's seven children to survive World War II). Hitler was the principal witness at the ceremony.

He played a large role in helping the Nazis achieve and retain power by creating propaganda to present the Nazi ideology to the German people in a favourable light. He was also a committed anti-Semite, being involved with Kristallnacht in 1938, and later connected with the Nazi Endlösung (Final Solution) to the Judenfrage ("Jewish Question"), especially the deportation of Jews from Berlin.

Goebbels' technique, also known as argumentum ad nauseam, is the name given to the policy of repeating a lie until it is taken to be the truth (see Big Lie). For example, when Goebbels took ownership of the Der Angriff (lit., "The Assault") newspaper, he attacked Berlin Police President Bernhard Weiss, calling him "Isidor" Weiss. Isidor is, to German ears, an insulting name with strong anti-Jewish connotations. This was done to such an extent that the public believed Isidor to be his real name, and he therefore became a figure of fun and ridicule.

On February 18, 1943, he delivered the Sportpalast speech, or Total War speech, a prominent speech to motivate the German people to continue the struggle when the tide of World War II was turning against Germany, even if, by then, the Nazi grip on German society was such that nobody dared openly disagree with such a speech, even if, given the circumstances, it could only have meant that Germany was on its way to irrevocable defeat, not victory.

There was particularly strong animosity between Goebbels and Hermann Göring. As Germany's war effort collapsed and Goebbels continued (or even increased) the shrillness of the government's official propaganda, people nicknamed him The Malicious Dwarf and The Wotan Mickey Mouse.

During the final stages of the war in the spring of 1945, before his suicide, Hitler split the offices of Reichskanzler (Chancellor of the Reich) and Reichspräsident (President of the Reich), both of which he had held as Führer since the death of Hindenburg in August 1934. He appointed Goebbels Chancellor of Germany in his will (with Grand-Admiral Karl Dönitz, the commander-in-chief of the Kriegsmarine, as President—the Führer title was not granted in the will). The post-Hitler government, which lasted only a few weeks, was, however, not recognised by the Allied powers, who declared it illegal towards the end of May 1945 at Flensburg, replacing it with its own government.

However, shortly after Hitler had committed suicide at about 3.30 p.m. (Berlin time) on April 30, 1945, Goebbels added these lines to the "Political Testament" of his beloved "Führer":

Der Führer hat mir den Befehl gegeben, im Falle des Zusammenbruchs der Verteidigung der Reichshauptstadt Berlin zu verlassen und als führendes Mitglied an einer von ihm ernannten Regierung teilzunehmen. Zum erstenmal in meinem Leben muß ich mich kategorisch weigern, einem Befehl des Führers Folge zu leisten. Meine Frau und meine Kinder schließen sich dieser Weigerung an. Im anderen Falle würde ich mir selbst (...) für mein ganzes ferneres Leben als ein ehrloser Abtrünnling und gemeiner Schuft vorkommen, der mit der Achtung vor sich selbst auch die Achtung seines Volkes verlöre, die die Voraussetzung eines weiteren Dienstes meiner Person an der Zukunftsgestaltung der Deutschen Nation und des Deutschen Reiches bilden müßte.

The Führer has given orders for me, in case of a breakdown of defense of the Capital of the Reich, to leave Berlin and to participate as a leading member in a government appointed by him. For the first time in my life, I must categorically refuse to obey a command of the Führer. My wife and my children agree with this refusal. In any other case, I would feel myself (...) a dishonorable renegade and vile scoundrel for my entire further life, who would lose the esteem of himself along with the esteem of his people, both of which would have to form the requirement for further duty of my person in designing the future of the German Nation and the German Reich.

On May 1, 1945, Goebbels and his wife killed themselves - reportedly in the open courtyard next to the Führerbunker and with the help of SS bodyguards. The previous evening Magda Goebbels had murdered all six of their children in their sleep (by poisoning with cyanide) to prevent them from falling into the hands of the Red army. Joseph Goebbels' personal role in the murders has remained unclear.

Helga Susanne (born, September 1, 1932 ^ aged 12)

Hildegard (Hilde) Traudel (born April 13, 1934 ^ aged 11)

Helmut Christian (born October 2, 1935 ^ aged 9)

Hedwig (Hedda) Johanna (born February 19, 1937 ^ aged 8)

Holdine (Holde) Kathrin (born May 1, 1938 ^ the day before what would have been her 7th birthday)

Heidrun (Heide) Elisabeth (born October 20, 1940 ^ aged 4)
(Each had been given a name starting with an H for Hitler. Magda and her ex-husband Dr. Quandt had also given their son a name beginning with the same letter)

While some accounts say they were shot by SS bodyguards at their own request, others claim Goebbels shot Magda and himself afterwards (as shown in the 2004 film, Der Untergang, where Goebbels was portrayed by actor Ulrich Matthes). Their bodies were partially burned, left unburied and quickly found by Soviet troops. The children's bodies were found still in the two-tiered bunk beds they were murdered in. A photograph of Goebbels' incinerated face was widely published. The bodies of the Goebbels family, along with those of Hitler and Eva Braun were secretly buried and reburied together by the Soviets. In April 1970 all the remains were reburned and scattered in the Elbe river.

Goebbels in popular culture
In George Orwell's Animal Farm, the pig named Squealer is quite possibly intended to be a direct analogue of Goebbels. Squealer consistently and skillfully misleads the animals of the farm as to the true nature of the corrupt pigs' activities through propaganda and rhetoric.

08-13-2005, 02:07 PM

O'Reilly 'interviews' Delores Kesterson, another gold star mom for peace.


08-13-2005, 02:12 PM
Thanks for posting that. Bill O'Reilly is a scumbag. He's falling back on Michael Moore...

The thing NONE of the Neocons understand is that even though Fahrenheit 9/11 was edited to show a certain point of view, if you were to take every individual fact mentioned in that movie, you would come to the same conclusions. If you're a reasonably intelligent person.

08-13-2005, 03:05 PM
About Fox News from Briely on Devy's PDf file in www.vaticanassassins,orn (http://www.vaticanassassins,orn) chapter Bush?Al Queda/China menu at left:
During June to early August 2001 Attorney General Ashcroft and his staff received but

strongly rebuffed more than one plea from Chicago attorney David Schippers to look into

intelligence Schippers had of an impending Middle Eastern initiated terrorist attack on

Manhattan for late summer or early fall of 2001, around the time of the 9/11 attacks.

Schippers has revealed this story publicly on many talk radio programs throughout

America. Schippers was the attorney for the Republican House Managers during the trial

of Clinton in the Senate.

And in August 2001 Ashcroft met with Air Force General Benton Partin in Ashcroft’s

DC home to receive a lengthy report (that I helped prepare) and briefing about terrorism

in the OKC bombing that proved to be directly related to the 1993 WTC bombing and the

subsequent 9/11 attacks. Ashcroft not only rejected Partin's pleas to investigate failed FBI

and DOJ policies leading to domestic and foreign terror operation in the US, but Ashcroft

to this day has not followed up, but instead covered up FBI and DOJ criminal conduct by

obstructing justice and ordering FBI agents not to testify about matters relating to the

OKC bombing, FBI and DOJ foreknowledge and the use of informants and provocateurs

associated with domestic and foreign terrorists.

Fox News Dallas recently conducted a lengthy interview with a major witness, Gloria

Smith of the OKC Travelers Aid, connected directly the evidence presented to Ashcroft

by General Partin in August 2001. Fox News did a report on the interview with Smith on

April 19, 2004 but deliberately and knowingly left out all mention of the Ashcroft

briefing, the information in the report Ashcroft received and the names of the FBI

informants and provocateurs who were involved in the OKC bombing operation. Smith

told me that Fox News deliberately did not notify Smith of the Fox News report and that

Smith feels that she was treated rudely and with great disrespect by Fox News for not

notifying her of the report when it aired especially since the reported doing the story, Phil

Keating promised her she would be notified. I was notified only a few minutes before the

report aired on the Fox Report with Sheppard Smith by voice mail and was not told of the

content until a week later.

Fox News has relatives working for Bush and it is strongly believed that Fox News

covered up for Bush and Ashcroft when they aired a brief excerpt of their interview with

Smith leaving out all of the details incriminating to Bush, Ashcroft and the DOJ and FBI

in the case.


I specifically asked the Dallas Bureau chief for Fox about these matters today and I asked

it Fox ever planned to reveal the letters from Smith to Ashcroft and any information

about the FBI informants with McVeigh’s car at Travelers Aid. The Fox News Dallas

bureau chief answer was "of course not." I was stunned and told the chief that we were

very disappointed and thought that Fox should air all the important parts of the interview

for the good and safety of the country.

This coverup by Fox News was done even though previously the Dallas bureau chief had

told me that Fox News had verified independently that the same suspects seen by Smith

were seen with McVeigh in OKC before the OKC bombing. This episode demonstrates

that Fox News is deliberately not reporting information that is important to national

security in order to protect and hide the misconduct of political figures Fox News favors,

Bush and Ashcroft.

On April 13, 2004 Attorney General Ashcroft testified before the 9/11 Commission.

The remainder of article reveals how prior testimony given to the 9-11 Commission prior

to Ashcroft’s appearance demonstrated not only the Bush administration’s lack of interest

in terrorism in the US prior to 9/11 but a strong and consistent pattern of Ashcroft’s out

right rejection of numerous other pleas and specific and detailed warnings (in addition to

Schippers and Partin) concerning impending terrorist attacks in the US during the

summer and fall of 2001.

These rejections were so strong by Ashcroft and the pleas so numerous, credible and

highly placed that Ashcroft’s actions cannot be explained by just gross negligence, which

alone is grounds worthy of having Ashcroft fired and replaced immediately. Ashcroft had

extreme forewarning about pending terror attacks in the US and yet Ashcroft deliberately

did nothing adequate to even try to have something done about them. It appears that

Ashcroft's failure to act was deliberate and not based on incompetence.

What follows is a presentation of information found in the following two articles:

Critiquing Ashcroft's 9/11 Show

This is a MUST READ FILE! IT shows how the FBI knew in advance the terrorists of WTC 1, Oklahoma, and 911. Several people never brought to justice were present in all three attacks. A Melvin Latimore was in all three and is stall walking the streets. Furthermore VIP people were warned in advanced of the attacks. The FBI let the attacks happen, and more may happen.

08-14-2005, 10:22 PM
You know... Fox News is quick to say MoveOn.org (George Soros) is supporting Cindy Sheehan, and "you know what that means"...

Supposedly that automatically discredits Cindy Sheehan, and her cause.

Well, if that's the case, then I say Fox News (Rupert Murdoch) is supporting George W. Bush, and "you know what that means"...

08-15-2005, 10:41 AM
The Media Can Legally Lie

In February 2003, a Florida Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with an assertion by FOX News that there is no rule against distorting or falsifying the news in the United States.


So how do we know when they are telling the truth? You know, when bill "is that a pencil in your pocket" oreilly says fair and balanced....easy.

When they cover up stories like this:

"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information." - US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring.


"Investigators within the DEA, INS and FBI have all told Fox News that to pursue or even suggest Israeli spying ... is considered career suicide."
- Carl Cameron, as quoted in The Spies Who Came In From The Art Sale

"While I agree with you, if I say anything about US geopolitical interests with Israel, I might as well clean off my desk."- Unnamed reporter as quoted in American Media Censorship and Israel


corporate media=corporate interest

Who is Rupert Murdoch?

How one right-wing billionaire uses his business and media empire to pursue a partisan agenda at the expense of democracy


"Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives."-James Madison

"Educate and inform the mass of the people. Enable them to see that it is their interest to preserve peace and order, and they will preserve them. Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppression of the body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day. "

Jefferson to James Madison, December 20, 1787

"The ground of Liberty is to be gained by inches. We must be contented to secure what we can get from time to time and eternally press forward for what is yet to get. It takes time to persuade men to do even what is for their own good. "


"The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty" - Madison


08-15-2005, 02:22 PM
Read some of his work to see if you see any similarities, I find his speech on "the year 2000" interesting. Reminds me of the PNAC.


and then there is his "anti-semetic" speech that blames "da jooz" for everything. However, it stops short in mentioning zionism wich is differen't then true torah jewry. At least from what I understand.


Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews Protest Outside Israeli Consulate, 28 April 2005




Giladi wrote this book tell the American people, and especially American Jews, that Jews from Islamic lands did not emigrate willingly to Israel; that, to force them to leave, Jews killed Jews; and that, to buy time to confiscate ever more Arab lands, Jews on numerous occasions rejected genuine peace initiatives from their Arab neighbors.

The Jews of Iraq - "Jews killed Jews"

"I write this article for the same reason I wrote my book: to tell the American people, and especially American Jews, that Jews from Islamic lands did not emigrate willingly to Israel; that, to force them to leave, Jews killed Jews; and that, to buy time to confiscate ever more Arab lands, Jews on numerous occasions rejected genuine peace initiatives from their Arab neighbors. I write about what the first prime minister of Israel called "cruel Zionism." I write about it because I was part of it."



Nazi Propaganda by Joseph Goebbels

This is a collection of English translations of Nazi propaganda material by Joseph Goebbels, part of a larger site on Nazi and East German propaganda. It includes many of his weekly articles for Das Reich, as well as a range of his speeches. Some of Goebbels' pre-1933 articles and speeches are available on the pre-1933 section of the German Propaganda Archive. For further information on the German Propaganda Archive, see the FAQ.

Nazi articles on Joseph Goebbels:
"Dr. Goebbels and his Ministry": A 1934 article by Hans Fritzsche.
Pictures of Goebbels speaking in 1935.
"On the Art of Speaking to the World": An introduction by an aide to Goebbels' book Die Zeit ohne Beispiel. It presents the Propaganda Minister in a flattering light.

Goebbels' speeches on the eve of the new year:
31 December 1933: Goebbels looks back on Nazism's first year.
31 December 1938: Goebbels reviews 1938 and complains about complainers.
31 December 1939: Goebbels reviews 1939, and finds Germany innocent.
31 December 1940: Goebbels is optimistic...
31 December 1943: Despite the disasters of 1942, Goebbels predicts German victory.

Goebbels' annual speeches on the eve of Hitler's birthday:
"Our Hitler" (1933)
(1934): No speech on Hitler. Instead, Goebbels delivered a speech on the press.
"Our Hitler" (1935)
"Our Hitler" (1936)
"Our Hitler" (1937)
"Our Hitler" (1938)
"Our Hitler" (1939)
"Our Hitler" (1940)
"Our Hitler" (1941)
"Our Hitler" (1942)
"Our Hitler" (1943)
"Our Hitler" (1944)
"Our Hitler" (1945)

Miscellaneous Speeches:
"German Women": Nazi views of women (March 1933).
"Radio as the Eighth Great Power": On radio (18 August 1933).
"The Racial Question and World Propaganda": Goebbels at the 1933 Nuremberg Rally.
Goebbels on Propaganda: His speech at the 1934 Nuremberg Rally.
"Communism with the Mask Off": His1935 Nuremberg Rally Speech.
"The Coming Europe": The Czechs must get used to German occupation (11 September 1940).
"Youth and the War": The German youth are fortunate... (29 September 1940).
"Christmas, 1941": Goebbels says Germans have a lot to be thankful for (24 December 1941).
Total War: In his most famous speech, Goebbels calls for total war (18 February 1943).
"The Winter Crisis is Over": Goebbels remains confident of German victory (5 June 1943).
"In the Front Ranks": A memorial meeting for the victims of Allied bombing raids (18 June 1943).
"Immortal German Culture": Opening a wartime art exhibition (26 June 1943).

A selection of Goebbels' articles:
"More Morality, Less Moralism": Goebbels wants freedom in the private sphere (27 January 1934).
The Battle of the Pharus Hall: A 1927 battle in Berlin.
"What Does America Really Want?": Goebbels is unhappy with the USA. (21 January 1939).
"The Coffee Drinkers": An attack on those who are dissatisfied (11 March 1939).
"Great Days": Goebbels on the end of Czechoslovakia (18 March 1939).
"The Morals of the Rich": Britain has no right to complain about Germany (25 March 1939).
"Children with their Hands Chopped Off": On British propaganda (24 June 1939).
"England's Guilt": Goebbels explains the reasons for World War II (Fall, 1939).
"A Unique Age": Goebbels' first lead article for Das Reich (25 May 1940)
"Missed Opportunities": On the invasion of France (2 June 1940).
"Churchill's Lie Factory": Churchill, it seems, is guilty of the "big lie." (12 January 1941).
"Winston Churchill": On Winston Churchill (2 February 1941).
"The Veil Falls": The invasion of the Soviet Union had just begin (6 July 1941).
"Mimicry": An attack on the Jews (20 July 1941).
"The Door to a New Era": On foreign press criticism (28 September 1941).
"The Matter of the Plague": Why Germans may not listen to the BBC (5 October 1941).
"When or How?": Goebbels on the war situation (9 November 1941).
"The Jews are Guilty": An attack on the Jews (16 November 1941).
"The Clay Giant": Why England will lose the war (23 November 1941).
"Roosevelt Cross-examined": Goebbels on FDR (30 November 1941).
"A Different World": The war after Pearl Harbor (21 December 1941).
"The New Year": On the outlook for 1942 (4 January 1942).
"The Good Companion": On German radio policy (1 March 1942).
"Churchill's Trick": Goebbels is happy with Winston Churchill (1 March 1942).
"An Open Discussion": Why food rations are being cut (29 March 1942).
"The Paper War": On bureaucracy and complaining during war (12 April 1942).
"Heroes and Film Heroes": Germans are better heroes than Americans (7 June 1942).
"The Air War and the War of Nerves": On British night bombing of Germany (14 June 1942).
"The Tonnage War": Goebbels on the U-boats (21 June 1942).
"The So-called Russian Soul": The Russian soul is of inferior quality (19 July 1942).
"God's Country": An unflattering portrait of the USA (9 August 1942).
"Don't Be Too Fair": Germans must be taught to hate (6 September 1942).
"What is at Stake": Encouraging determination to win the war (27 September 1942).
"The Optics of War": Preparing the public for Stalingrad (24 January 1943).
"The European Crisis": An anti-Semitic article (28 February 1943).
"The War and the Jews": Goebbels predicts the Jews will not survive the war (9 May 1943).
"Morale as a Decisive Factor in War": Germany deserves to win (7 August 1943).
"The Realities of War": The war situation is favorable for Germany (22 August 1943).
"A Classic Example": The fall of Mussolini (19 September 1943).
"30 Articles of War for the German People": Support the war effort (26 September 1943).
"The New Year": An optimistic look to the future (2 January 1944).
"The Battle of Berlin": Goebbels discusses Allied bombing (13 February 1944).
"Why Are Things So Difficult for Us?": Germany's difficult situation (9 April 1944) .
"Life Goes On": On Allied bombing, with a hint of the V-weapons (16 April 1944).
"The Background of the Invasion": A commentary on D-Day (18 June 1944).
"The Question of Revenge": The V-1 rocket bomb (23 July 1944).
"The Call of Duty": After the 20 July 1944 assassination attempt on Hitler (6 August 1944).
"The Higher Law": Germany will win because it is morally superior (24 September 1944).
"The World Crisis": The other side has it just as bad (17 December 1944).
"The Creator of the World's Misfortunes": The last major anti-Semitic essay (21 January 1945).
"The Year 2000": What will happen after Germany wins the war (25 February 1945).
"Resistance at Any Price": Goebbels' final published article (22 April 1945).