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08-02-2005, 09:48 AM
Just thougth I'd shine some light over here if you haven't seen it. If the corporate news(ie:corporate interest propaganda) has been getting you down, check them out. Production is pretty good and there is allot compiled in each episode. If you haven't seen the Galloway testimony, IT IS A MUST SEE and is included in the link below.



Liberty News is a half-hour long monthly television program, dedicated to unraveling the spin, lies and misguided policies of corporate-sponsored politicians. Written by professional journalists who are not paid for their labors, it is one of the few outlets left on the television airwaves where the truth about the Invasion of Iraq, corruption in Washington, loss of individual freedoms and the dangerous growth of the far right can be exposed to a general audience. The program plays nationally on the Dish network, via Free Speech TV. It also plays on about a dozen local cable access television stations in various states. We are looking for sponsors to bring the show to more towns. The program is also available for streaming over the Internet. Sign up now to get your town on our subscriber list, and we'll send your public access TV station a new DVD each month--for free.

Link to Recent episode:

Liberty News TV July (http://www.libertynewstv.com/RAW%20CLIPS%20and%20STILLS/July%202005%20Clips/libertyjuly05web_01.wmv)