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08-01-2005, 09:00 AM
by Brian Harring, Domestic Intelligence Reporter

?There will be no peace in the Mideast as long as the US supports Israel.? Colonel James Critchfield, Senior CIA Arab specialist, January 11, 2000

In July 1949, Reuven Shiloah, a close associate of David Ben Gurion, proposed establishing a central institution for organizing and co-ordinating intelligence and security service. The object was to enhance inter-service co-ordination and co-operation. On 13 December 1949, Ben Gurion authorized the establishment of the 'Institution for Co-ordination' to oversee the political department and to co-ordinate the internal security and military intelligence organizations. The institution, or MOSSAD, was born on that day.

MOSSAD started out under Foreign Ministry auspices. In March 1951, with a view enhancing its operational capabilities and to unifying all overseas intelligence gathering, Ben Gurion authorized its final reorganization. An independent, centralized authority was set up to handle all overseas intelligence tasks. This was called the 'Authority' and formed the major part of MOSSAD. It included representatives of the other two services at HQ and field echelons. MOSSAD broke free of the Foreign Ministry and reported directly to the Prime Minister, thus becoming part of the Prime Minister Office.

Israeli espionage, specifically the MOSSAD, has targeted America since the earliest days and its penetration of America has far surpassed anything that the USSR could have envisioned, or actually accomplished, during the height of the Roosevelt Administration or the subsequent Cold War.


The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations, otherwise known as 'Mossad' has been appointed by the State of Israel to collect information, analyze intelligence and perform special covert operations beyond its borders. It is specifically tasked with:

· Covert intelligence gathering beyond Israel?s borders.

· Developing and maintaining special diplomatic and other covert relations.

· Preventing the development and procurement of non-conventional weapons by countries hostile to Israel.

· Preventing terrorist acts against Israeli targets abroad.

· Producing strategic, political and operational intelligence in countries outside of Israel

· Planning and executing special operations beyond Israel?s borders.

The Israeli MOSSAD overseas is run from its headquarters in Israel by about 30 or 40 katsas (case agents) who are authorized to recruit Jewish citizens of any country to act as de facto agents or to supply support, such as access to passports or to provide safe houses to MOSSAD anywhere and at any time.

In building up a large network of voluntary agents inside the United States, the MOSSAD has targeted Jewish citizens who are known to be strong supporters of the state of Israel. Lists of these potential agents have been obtained from the Israeli Embassy, the AIPAC and its front organizations, the ADL and other groups.

The MOSSAD has no official connection with any Israeli diplomatic embassy or mission so as to achieve plausible deniability. It has a close liaison, however, with their chief operating officer on the staff of the Israeli Embassy but in the main, MOSSAD agents are grouped in so-called safe houses supplied by Jewish sympathizers throughout the United States and Canada. Its main headquarters are located in Toronto and Montreal , Canada, and in the United States, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Florida and Washington DC.

Among its agents of opportunity or informants are persons connected with the American military, American law enforcement, American intelligence agencies (the CIA has many such supporters and informants in its ranks and many of the CIA?s top leadership are Jewish.) Such important areas as Hanford, the Livermore labs, the AT&T systems, AOL, a number of television news networks, especially FOX News and CNN, a closely-knit network of American newspaper publishers, editors and reporters, the higher levels of the U.S. Department of State, the White House, the civilian sector of the Pentagon and a number of persons in the DHS all have their MOSSAD cells in full operation.

Perhaps the most notorious, publicized, (there are files full of still-secret examples of Israeli espionage hidden for fear of offending the spymasters?and the paymasters) Israeli operation was the recruitment of Jonathan Jay Pollard, a Stanford graduate and former U.S. Navy analyst, by a sub-group of Israeli Air Force intelligence. Pollard was convicted in U.S. federal court and sentenced to life in prison for selling military documents to Israel. Even more shocking, the FBI traced stolen Pollard data into the Soviet Union?s intelligence organs where it was traded in return for the Soviet Union?s relaxation of its rules against the emigration of Soviet Jews to Israel.

What the Israeli intelligence organs do not seem to realize is that a number of former citizens of the Russian Republic who, as Jews , have emigrated to Israel and found their way into the intelligence system, regularly send information back to their friends in Russia, Thus, reams of purloined Top Secret U.S. government position papers and documents are still flowing from Israel to Russia but this time, via unofficial channels.

Future postings will cover the FBI discovery and surveillance of MOSSAD and other Israeli intelligence entities in the United States, the very successful infiltration of top government positions by so?called Israeli Agents of Influence and an accounting of exposed Israeli espionage activities, Brian Harring