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07-30-2005, 07:54 PM
Nafeez Ahmed On C-SPAN 2 8PM EST

You should be able to watch it here (http://play.rbn.com/?url=cspan/g2cspan/live/cspan2-g2.rm)

If not, go here (http://www.c-span.org/watch/index.asp?Cat=TV&Code=CS&ShowVidDays=30&ShowVidDesc=&ArchiveDays=30), it's on the right hand side....

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07-30-2005, 08:53 PM
OH MY GOD... It's more than just Nafeez... Dr. Peter Phillips is about to speak from www.projectcensored.org

07-30-2005, 09:27 PM
That was incredible...

07-30-2005, 10:11 PM
That was one of the best lectures on 9/11 and the history behind the Mujhadeen and "Al-Qaeda" I've ever seen.

Nafeez was absolutely brilliant with his focus, and his facts. He mentioned how there are SEVERAL pieces of evidence showing that the U.S., U.K., French, Pakistan and other countries were involved in creating, funding, and directing the actions of "Al-Qaeda".

He cited several instances of how Bosnia is now being used as a "base" for U.S. and European funded "Al-Qaeda", and mentioned other countries involved as well. Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan to name two.

During the presentation, he mentioned several clues that we have been lied to by our Government.

One being that we simply didn't have the intelligence available to detect what was going to occur on 9/11. That it was an "intelligence failure". He gave one example of how hours after 9/11, through Echelon, our Government was able to ascertain that Osama Bin Laden was involved in the plot. They were able to, within hours, inform those who needed to know about it, and within an hour after that, have it on the "Mainstream Media".

That's incredible precision for an intelligence industry not capable of knowing someone like Osama Bin Laden was planning something like 9/11, before it took place.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. Nafeez pointed out that David Schippers, the chief investigator for the Monica Lewinsky debacle, stated that several FBI personnel informed him prior to 9/11 that 9/11 was going to take place. He tried to contact Attorney General Ashcroft, and was ignored.

That is DIRECT evidence that it was NOT an "intelligence failure", but, as Nafeez called, a "political failure" instead.

Question and answer time was interesting as well. One participant asked Nafeez how the "9/11 Truth Movement" can maintain both the "LIHOP" theory and the "MIHOP" theory at the same time. He answered by saying that it is clear that our Government failed us. Period. We need to focus on that as a movement. That a THOROUGH investigation needs to take place because a CRIME did take place on American soil, and those responsible need to be held accountable.

John Judge, co-founder of 911CitizensWatch.org was the last to speak. There was an annoying woman who tried to question Nafeez's credibility, but because she was annoying, I'm not going to mention what she stated.

Anyway, John Judge stated that the 9/11 Report is WORSE than the Warren Commission Report. At least the Warren Commission report made available all of it's notes for people to browse through, and question. The 9/11 Report, however, did not list its' notes or mention several of the witnesses who testified. It did not discuss, and show the several videos available. They did not make the black boxes found by the NYFD available to the public, and so on. John mentioned that the National Archives is currently storing A LOT of information that could shed light on the 9/11. Unfortunately, even though every piece of information has been requested through the FOIA, it has been turned down on every occassion.

He also mentioned that the date for the information to be released is on the last day of the President's term, in 2009, when he may very well extend it even further. Something he has done in the past. Namely the Reagan Archives.

John ended by saying that this is our history we're fighting for. "Let's fight for it".

Everyone applauded him, and the lecture was over.

The fight, however, will never die.

07-31-2005, 08:59 PM
For those who missed it, the audio is available here...


07-31-2005, 09:21 PM
"John Judge, co-founder of 911CitizensWatch.org was the last to speak. There was an annoying woman who tried to question Nafeez's credibility, but because she was annoying, I'm not going to mention what she stated."

i want to know what the annoying woman said.... :)