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07-29-2005, 01:18 PM
Midwest Truth Convergence

There is a new photo album available for viewing of last weekend's D.C. Emergency Truth events. This album includes excellent photos of Dr. David Ray Griffin, Nafeez Ahmed, Paul Thompson, Ray McGovern, Danny Schecter, Jenna Orkin, Charles Key, Gael Murphy, Peter Phillips and many other patriotic and concerned Americans.


Photographs were contributed by John Gannon, Chris Emery, Jonathan Gold and myself. Each picture has a photographer's credit, and high resolution images for print usage will be available. These may be used for nonprofit purposes, but please credit the photographer and link to the website. A separate, second photo album of John Gannon's 13 photos from the McKinney's Capital Hill 9/11 hearings will also soon be next week.

Other news:
Janice Matthews, Charles Key, Chris Emery and myself have hit the ground running and are planning an October 7-9 OR Oct. 14-16 event in Kansas City. "Emergency Truth Convergence MIDWEST" will have main themes of 9/11 Truth, the OKC bombing, DSM, and Constitutional/freedom focuses. This event will have a regional flavor with well known and respected speakers who appeal to a wide array of the political spectrum. John Gannon has generously agreed to professionally videotape the events. Any assistance, support, publicity and networking you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Additional information will be posted as available. http://truthemergency.us/

Organizer contacts:
Janice Matthews: janicematthews@sbcglobal.net 816-444-3249
Charles Key: ckey@cox.net 405-470-1231
Chris Emery: chrisemery@cox.net,
Jan Hoyer: jhoyer@digitalstyledesigns.com 816-517-5271

Thank you,
Jan Hoyer
Emegency Truth Planning Committee, 911Truth, 911Visibility

p.s. Please submit any articles, commentary, or photos related to the DC event. As was discussed in the weekend's plenary session, the website will be a vehicle for updated news, information, actions and critical alliances.