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Tenet under investigation for pre-9/11 AA put options?

www.total911.info | July 19 2005

Tom Heneghen reports to Cloak & Dagger Internet Radio (late of 50,000-watt blowtorch CFMJ-AM) that a trusted "source close to the Fitzgerald investigation" says the independent prosecutor is looking into former CIA Director George Tenet's role in pre-9/11 put options placed on American Airlines.

Previous editions of Cloak & Dagger reported that the special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has taken his investigation beyond who named Valerie Plame as a CIA agent into who frauded up claims that Saddam Hussien was seeking yellowcake uranium and, ultimately, the 9/11 scam.

C&D correspondent Tom Heneghen reported on the July 17 show that Fitzgerald is looking into insider trading on airline stocks before 9/11. Heneghen reports that over the three trading days before 9/11 on the Chicago Board of Options 4,516 put options (bets the price would tank) were placed on American Airlines stock vs only 748 call options (bets the price would go up).

According to C&D, Fitzgerald is investigating Tenet's role in connection to Buzzy Krongard, a former No. 3 at the CIA, and that man's relation to the 2,157 airline options placed through Morgan Stanley/Dean Witter, located on the 22d floor of the WTC.

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Tom Heneghen is someone OrlandoMary listens to... I don't know how reputable he is, but she loves him.

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I'm listening to the broadcast... this is nothing we didn't know... He says that George Tenet is under investigation for his affiliation with A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard. Mr. Krongard is the current Executive Director at the CIA, and used to be the CEO of A.B. Brown, which was purchased by Deutsche Bank in 1997. A.B. Brown was responsible for the purchases of those Put Options. Also Citigroup, which currently has on its' board, John Deutsche, the former CIA Director, made some put option purchases. All prior to 9/11. On 9/12, Mayo Shattuck, the CEO of A.B. Brown then, resigned.

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I asked Wayne Madsen about him, and he said he never heard of him.

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I showed this article to Wayne, and here's what he said...

"I'm suspicious of that -- Fitzgerald has way too much on his plate with CIA leak, bogus Niger docs and AIPAC espionage .. I doubt he'd go off on that kind of tangent."

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i wish you would post such insightful and detailed comments to my blog sometime :(

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You know... I wish you guys would bombard me with questions sometimes... I know SO MUCH information.