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Good Doctor HST
06-19-2005, 02:06 PM
Article from VHeadline.com (a Venezuelian electronic newspaper)

Hugo Chavez vs. America? A potential threat? Oh God!

VHeadline.com commentarist Elio Cequea writes: By the way the international media treats opposition leaders and their supporters, it is easy to conclude that many of them have good friends in high places. Well, they seem to have friends in "higher" places also. "Higher" as in close to Heaven.

The Christian Broadcasting Network has just published his contribution to keep the fire of the Venezuelan "threat" burning. (http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/news/050531a.asp?)

I assume the reporter who wrote the piece is a Christian. As a believer most likely he knows that, "The Truth shall set you free." His article shows that the disinformation herds have captured him.

Has Mr. Chavez decided that America is his enemy? Don't think so!

Going against the wishes of the USA government is not like making America an enemy. Actually, it is America's government the one that has made Chavez his enemy. President Bush is the one who said "You are with us or against us." Chavez is not "with" Bush in some fundamental issues so he has been placed in the "against us" group.

The big question is, does anybody have the right to disagree?

Chavez is building up the Venezuelan army. Who wouldn't? Put it this way. If a conflict breaks out between Venezuela and the USA, who do you think would be on the attack and who would be on the defense?

The article mentions horrendous Chavez' acts:

"He has forged an alliance with Fidel Castro"

"Many think he is going to make trouble for the United States."

A country in the Middle East was attacked because "many thought" they had something ... they did not!

If Iraq had had WMD, wouldn't you think they would've used them to defend themselves?

Chavez believes he is in a fight with the devil and he might be right. The Bible says that lying is the devil's main trait. Conclusions made from pure speculations are also speculations. It is a shame to broadcast as facts what "some people" fear.

"A new Cuban-Venezuelan alliance has a plan to create a new block of Leftist-run, anti-American states across Central and South America."

I am afraid this is opposition propaganda.

The article published by the Christian Broadcasting Network is without a doubt a service to the Venezuelan opposition. Familiar slogans are repeated without attempts to support them with arguments:

1. Chavez has already rewritten the constitution

2. He has stacked the courts

3. Has begun throwing political opponents into jail

4. Chavez is harboring and supporting the FARC guerillas in Colombia

The voice of an "expert" is important for credibility.
CBN tried to find it with ex-ambassador to Cuba, Adolfo Taylhardat. He said, "So I'm very much familiar with the internal situation in Cuba ... and what I see is that Chavez slowly has been introducing all the elements of the Cuban regime, Cuban system into Venezuela ... he wants to make Venezuela be as similar to Cuba as possible ... and he wants to present Venezuela as a victim of US imperialism."

So, should we believe all that just because he is "very much familiar with the internal situation in Cuba"?

Contradictions are common among opposition's supporters. CBN's connections to Heaven could not help them to avoid it. The report indicates that not even one poor person they talked to said they wanted Venezuela to turn into Cuba ... but, CBN insists "that is the direction the country is headed."

If the poor loves Chavez and does not want Venezuela to be turned into Cuba, perhaps they are of the opinion that that is NOT the direction the country is headed.
It is true that Chavez has been called the "anti-Bush" ... it is also true that he has embraced virtually every enemy of the United States, past and present ... from Saddam Hussein to Moammar Khadaffi to the Taliban and Iran. A small detail was left out. Most of these countries happen to be member of OPEC of which Venezuela is one of the more important affiliates.

Chavez said "the US administration is behind the opposition in Venezuela, and Mr. George Bush has a black hat, black horse and black flag ... he is the main instigator and the main planner of all the movements that have attacked us." He is not the only one who thinks so.

It is a shame that a network that identifies itself as a Christian can lend his hand to lies and manipulations. But, what is new on these days. There is a "Man of Faith" in The White House.

This "father of two" ordered his army to attack a country because of "failures of intelligence."

That is a fact!