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06-12-2005, 01:05 PM
Pentagon hires firms to polish U.S. image abroad
Defense officials want the 3 companies to help 'psyops' personnel boost foreign public opinion.


The Washington Post

WASHINGTON -- The Pentagon awarded three contracts last week, potentially worth up to $300 million over five years, to companies it hopes will inject more creativity into its psychological-operations efforts to improve foreign public opinion about the United States, particularly the military.

"We would like to be able to use cutting-edge types of media," said Col. James Treadwell, director of the Joint Psychological Operations Support Element, a part of Tampa, Fla.-based U.S. Special Operations Command. "If you want to influence someone, you have to touch their emotions."

He said SYColeman, Arlington, Va.; Lincoln Group, Washington, D.C.; and Science Applications International Corp. will help develop ideas and prototypes for radio and television spots, documentaries, text messages, pop-up ads on the Internet, podcasting, billboards or novelty items.

Treadwell's group, established last year, includes a graphic artist and videographer, he said. It assists "psyops" personnel stationed at military headquarters overseas.

Col. Sam Taylor, a spokesman for the Special Operations Command, which runs the Army's Special Forces, Navy SEALs and other elite combat units, said the contractors might help the military develop commercials in Iraq, for example, illustrating how roadside bombs meant for soldiers also harm children and other innocent civilians.

The companies declined to comment.

The Bush administration has been criticized for its uncoordinated efforts to repair the nation's post-Iraq image abroad, particularly in the Muslim world.

06-12-2005, 05:36 PM
Why don't they just try to do the right thing?