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"9/11 Commission Was A Sham"

This is a break down of who was privy to the August 6th, PDB, and their relation to the events of 9/11. Very interesting.

On Page 550, under "The System Was Blinking Red", number two, it states:

"The exact number of persons who receive the PDB varies by administration. In the Clinton administration, up to 25 people received the PDB. In the Bush Administration, distribution in the pre-9/11 time period was limited to six people."

My guess on those six would be the following:

1. George W. Bush - President Of The United States
2. Dick Cheney - Vice President Of The United States
3. Donald Rumsfeld - Secretary Of Defense
4. John Ashcroft - Attorney General
5. Paul Wolfowitz - Deputy Secretary Of Defense
6. Condoleeza Rice - National Security Advisor

Unfortunately, it doesn't say who they are. It does say, however, that from the 9/11 Commission, 4 Commissioners were allowed access to all Bin Laden related material from previous and current administrations. Totaling more than 300 relevant articles. Those Commissioners were:

1. Thomas Kean - Charmain
2. Lee Hamilton - Vice Chair
3. Jamie S. Gorelick - Commissioner
4. Philip Zelikow - Executive Director

Break Down Of Connections:

Thomas Kean
Served on the board of Delta Hess, a merger of Delta Oil and Amerada Hess.
Serves on the board of the National Endowment for Democracy, which has served as a cover to the Central Intelligence Agency’s covert operations abroad.

Allen Weinstein, who helped draft the legislation establishing NED, was quite candid when he said in 1991: "A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA." In effect, the CIA has been laundering money through NED…From 1994 to 1996, NED awarded 15 grants, totaling more than $2,500,000, to the American Institute for Free Labor Development, an organization used by the CIA for decades to subvert progressive labor unions...NED successfully manipulated elections in Nicaragua in 1990 and Mongolia in 1996 and helped to overthrow democratically elected governments in Bulgaria in 1990 and Albania in 1991 and 1992. In Haiti in the late l990s, NED was busy working on behalf of right wing groups who were united in their opposition to former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide and his progressive ideology. NED has made its weight felt in the electoral-political process in numerous other countries… The Endowment played an important role in the Iran-Contra affair of the 1980s, funding key components of Oliver North's shadowy "Project Democracy" network, which privatized US foreign policy, waged war, and ran arms and drugs. (Excerpted from Rogue State, “Trojan Horse: The NED”, William Blum, Common Courage Press, 2000).

NED took over the CIA’s role in engineering the control of foreign governments worldwide, but most noticeably in Yugoslavia, Haiti, Nicaragua and Cuba. The NED financed, at $250,000.00, the Cuban-American National Foundation (CANF), which in turn financed Luis Posada Carriles, “one of the most prolific and pitiless terrorists of modern times,” responsible for blowing up a Cuban airliner (73 people killed) and more recently, the 1997 bombing of Havana hotels. (http://www.zmag.org/Zmag/articles/oct01berkowitz.htm; Covert Action Information Bulletin (CAIB) #33 – Intervention in the Nicaraguan Election, by William Robinson and David MacMichael – p. 32-33; CAIB #34 “Nicaraguan ‘Electoral Coup," p. 31-36; CAIB #39 “NED, CIA, & the Orwellian Democracy Project” by Holly Sklar and Chip Berlet, p.10-13, New York Times, 7/13/98; “Trojan Horse” http://members.aol.com/superogue/ned.htm).

Not mentioned on Kean’s official Commission biography was his role as director of Amerada Hess Corporation, which in 1998 formed joint venture Delta-Hess, with Delta Oil, in part owned by Khalid bin Mahfouz. Mahfouz inherited a controlling interest in the National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia, the country’s largest bank, and was a director with 20% interest in BCCI, the now defunct financial conglomerate involved in money laundering, bribery, support of terrorism, arms trafficking and other crimes. Mahfouz paid $225 million to escape prosecution for his role in the BCCI scandal. Mahfouz also inherited the assets of the Saudi bin Laden group when Salem bin Laden died in a 1988 plane crash. These included an interest in Arbusto Energy, a Houston, Texas oil company founded by George W. Bush. Bin Mahfouz’s interests were managed in part by James R. Bath, a close friend of Bush, who served in the Texas ANG with him. Bath’s name was inexplicably redacted in Bush’s Air National Guard military medical reports. (http://www.worldhistory.com/wiki/K/Khalid-bin-Mahfuz.htm).

One critical conflict arises in the 1998 Senate testimony of then CIA director R. James Woolsey, Jr., who testified that Mahfouz’s younger sister married Osama bin Laden. Thus, the prime suspect in the 9-11 murders is the brother-in-law of Kean’s business partner. (Senate Judiciary Committee – FNS – Sept. 3, 1998)

Lee Hamilton
Lee H. Hamilton had no problem getting a security clearance for his work on the Commission, having served on the House Intelligence Committee, Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and the Council on Foreign Relations. He has a track record in leading investigations that have limited the scope of the inquiry and failed to hold accountable key government officials who broke the law. For example, he chaired the Congressional panel that looked into the Iran-Contra scandal, and then-Senator Dick Cheney was Vice Chair. Hamilton explained to PBS Frontline that he didn’t a full and open investigation into Contragate would be “good for the country.”

Jamie Gorelick
Serves on the President’s Review of Intelligence and the CIA’s National Security Advisory Panel. Also served as counsel for the Department of Defense. Jamie S. Gorelick works with the law firm Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering, and is a former Justice Department lawyer. She also works for United Technologies Corporation, a major defense contractor. She sits on the Council on Foreign Relations, and the board of Schlumberger Ltd., a company with a history related to the Bay of Pigs covert operations against Cuba. Her role in support of the division between intelligence and law enforcement, referred to as “The Wall” that allegedly prevented effective intelligence sharing in relation to the terrorist plot, led to yet another unrevealed connection of a Commission member to the events of 9/11, and she was forced to recuse her role to testify to her own Commission.

Philip Zelikow
Besides having served in the Navy and on the National Security Council, Zelikow is also a member of the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board and was executive director of the Markle Foundation Task Force on National Security in the Information Age. (See: http://www.markle.org/markle_programs/index.php and www.9-11commission.gov biographies)

Zelikow is also the director of the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia, which drew up plans to limit free press access at White House briefings out of “respect for the President.” The Miller Center has established a reputation for being a repository for Presidential history. Zelikow, and his fellow 9-11 Commission staff consultant, Ernest May, are the co-editors of “The Kennedy Tapes,” based on their own transcriptions of Oval Office audio tapes from the Kennedy administration.

Former JFK Presidential Librarian Sheldon Stern compared the transcripts to the original recordings at the library and questioned the Miller Center’s translations, which are supposed to be verbatim and not open to interpretation. Stern said no student or scholar could rely on Zelikow’s work. (“What JKF Really Said”, Atlantic Monthly, May 2000 – http://theatlantic.com/issues/2000/05/stern.htm and a March 15, 2004 follow-up

Only Zelikow and Commissioner Gorelick were permitted to read the full Presidential Daily Briefings (PDBs), and summarize them for the other Commissioners. When asked why we should trust Zelikow’s summary of the PDBs when we know he botched the JFK Oval Office transcripts, Commissioner Gorelick said that the Chairman and Vice Chair would also read the PDBs, so they weren’t depending upon Zelikow’s version alone.

In addition, the President and Vice President’s testimony before the commission was not recorded or transcribed, with only notes, allowed to be taken by Zelikow.

What really disturbed the Family Steering Commission were the revelations of his role on the Bush-Chaney Transition Team, to establish their National Security Council, which was not mentioned in his Commission biography. He sat in on warnings about imminent terrorist attacks from Clinton’s National Security Director Sandy Berger as well as the incoming White House advisor on terrorism, Richard Clark in the months before 9/11, which went seemingly unheeded by Rice and the President. These contacts forced him to become a witness before the 9/11 Commission inquiry.

Zelikow’s association with the President’s National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, with whom he wrote a book (“Germany Unified and Europe Transformed.”) was an additional concern. But public calls for his resignation because of these blatant conflicts of interest went unheeded.

This is just very interesting information.



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