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08-25-2009, 07:27 AM
Witness says Putnam dad carried small son across field by one ankle


(Gold9472: I'll do what "debunkers" do... ready... here I go... This is so typical of "debunkers." Every single one of them is just like this.)

by From staff reports

PUTNAM COUNTY, W.Va. -- A Putnam County man charged with abusing his sons at a public ballfield has been released on bond but has been ordered to have no contact with his children until the case is resolved.

Troy Palmer Sexton, 36, of Summit Ridge Road, Hurricane, is facing domestic battery charges after carrying his 6-year-old son across a field by one ankle and allowing the child's helmeted head to hit the ground "more than once," according to a criminal complaint filed in Putnam Magistrate Court.

Sexton was with his four children, including 6-year-old triplets, at the field behind Winfield Elementary on Aug. 6 when a witness saw him being rough with his children during football practice.

Winfield Patrolmen Al Mick and Patrolman Robert Flinn met Putnam Sheriff's Deputy Chad Weaver at the field and found Sexton's vehicle blocked by the vehicles of other parents.

Sexton was described by officers as standing 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighing about 275 pounds. Police said the man looked calm as they approached.

A witness told Mick she saw Sexton leave his seat, cross the field and lift one of his sons above his head and slam him to the ground.

Another witness told police the father had approached the coaching staff and told them his sons were disappointing to him, he was ashamed of their performance on the field and he was taking them home, the patrolman said.

Sexton then grabbed his other son from the bench, "pinched and twisted" his hip and lifted him off the ground by his ankle, Mick said he was told by a witness.

Sexton walked off the field as he carried his son upside down by the ankle, causing the child's helmeted head to hit the ground "more than once," the complaint said.

He then threw the boy over a chain link fence that surrounds the field and the boy landed hard on the ground.

"It took everybody there by surprise," Mick said of the spectators at the field that day.

"It took them a second to realize this is really happening, this is real."

Mick said witnesses told him that after they realized what was going on, several parents rushed onto the field to confront the man. The criminal complaint said an onlooker yelled, "You can't do that to a child!" They said Sexton responded, "Mind your own f-ing business!"

Police said the man tried to leave the field with his four children but was prevented by onlookers who had moved their vehicles to block him and prevent him from leaving.

When police arrived, Sexton was standing with the triplets - the two boys and a girl - and another daughter who appeared to be slightly older, Mick said. Bruising was visible on one boy's legs, the patrolman said.

"The children were still visibly upset, emotional, crying, obviously scared to death," Mick said.

The officer said Sexton admitted to treating his two sons in such a manner but said he did not see why everyone was making such a big deal about it.

Mick said he asked some of the mothers at the field to take the man's children away so they wouldn't see their father arrested and to ensure their safety.

"The mama bears took good care of them, got them something to eat and to drink," Mick said. "I'm very proud of the way the community came together to take care of those kids."

The man was arrested at the field without incident and charged with two counts of domestic battery, misdemeanors. He was released on $20,000 bond Friday.

The children are in the custody of their mother, who was at work when the incident occurred, at their Hurricane home. Mick said the father was ordered to have no contact with the children until the charges are resolved and he is living elsewhere.

12-11-2009, 12:20 PM
Putnam County Man Pleads No Contest To Domestic Battery
Troy Sexton's sentence was suspended while he appeals the sentence.


Story by Gil McClanahan
Posted Wednesday, December 9, 2009

WINFIELD -- A Putnam County man pleads no contest to two counts of domestic battery.

Troy Sexton, 36, of Hurricane received six months in jail for one count and a one year suspended sentence for the other. He also must pay a fine and court costs.

The entire sentence has been put on hold while Sexton appeals the ruling.

In last August, Sexton was arrested for holding his six year old son upside down by the ankles and pushing the other six year old to the ground during their football practice.