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01-05-2009, 10:54 PM
Bush to honor Blair, Howard



Outgoing President George W. Bush is to award the highest US civilian order to former British prime minister Tony Blair and Australia's ex-leader John Howard, the White House said Monday.

Blair and Howard will be joined by Colombian President Alvaro Uribe at a White House ceremony on January 13 to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, a week before Bush leaves office.

"The president is honoring these leaders for their work to improve the lives of their citizens and for their efforts to promote democracy, human rights and peace abroad," White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said.

"All three leaders have been staunch allies of the United States, particularly in combating terrorism. And their efforts to bring hope and freedom to people around the globe have made their nations, America and the world community a safer and more secure world," she added.

Blair and Howard were staunch allies of Bush in the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, while Uribe remains one of America's most constant friends in Latin America.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom was created in 1963 and is one of the few awards that can be conferred on non-US citizens.

01-06-2009, 08:02 PM
How can you give the Presidential Medal of Freedom the other world leaders?

01-06-2009, 08:16 PM
How can you give the Presidential Medal of Freedom the other world leaders?

You can give them to whoever you want. People like Norman Mineta, George Tenet, etc... etc... etc...