View Full Version : Why Was My Brother Allowed To Die?

08-15-2008, 08:30 AM
Why was my brother allowed to die?


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As the seventh anniversary of Sept. 11 approaches, I and thousands of others who lost loved ones will gather where that horrific event unfolded in Lower Manhattan. Unfortunately, seven years later I am still asking the same questions. My yearning for answers as to why my only brother, Kenneth Zelman, was taken from me at 36 years old has proven to be a double-edge sword.

If I question anything about the official Sept. 11 story, I am called a conspiracy theorist.

I am shunned by many in my community and embraced by others. I have become a victim of conspiracy theory. There are still many unresolved issues. On that morning, my brother had no protection from our air defense systems. This is the United States of America. Not one fighter jet. Not one branch of our nation's services or protective forces intervened to save my brother. And no politician had the courage to call the current administration to answer for his death.

It was our obligation to investigate the events pre- and post-Sept. 11. We needed a true, unbiased, global investigation, and we didn't get that.

What we got was the loss of confrontation of the media conglomerates that enabled many of these things to go unchecked.