View Full Version : Iran Says U.S. - Backed Group Planned Attack On Russian Consulate

05-15-2008, 08:33 AM
Iran says US-backed group planned attack on Russian consulate


The Associated Press
Published: May 15, 2008

TEHRAN, Iran: Iran said Thursday that a group Tehran has accused of bombing a mosque in the country last month and of having ties to the U.S. and Britain also planned to attack a Russian consulate, the state-owned newspaper reported.

The IRNA daily quoted Intelligence Minister Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejehi as saying the group planned to bomb the consulate in Rasht city in northern Iran to strain ties between Iran and Russia.

Ejehi was quoted as saying the group received support from people based in the U.S. but did not provide additional details about the group or its supporters.

Iran has repeatedly accused both the U.S. and Britain of backing groups to destabilize the government. They have denied the accusations.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that it would beef up security at its administrative buildings in Iran as a result of the alleged plot.

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"The Russian Foreign Ministry and the Russian Embassy in Tehran in cooperation with the Iranian side are taking the necessary additional measures to strengthen security at Russian representative buildings and of citizens in Iran," said the ministry's official Web site.

The April blast at a mosque in the southern city of Shiraz killed 14 people.

Iran has said it will file a lawsuit against the U.S. and Britain for their alleged support of the group.