View Full Version : Goldman Sachs raises possibility of $200 a barrel oil

03-07-2008, 09:28 PM

Goldman Sachs raises possibility of $200 a barrel oil
http://custom.marketwatch.com/1.gifhttp://custom.marketwatch.com/1.gif Goldman's projections foretell persistent turbulence in energy prices

By Steve Gelsi, MarketWatch Last Update: 1:42 PM ET Mar 7, 2008 NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- With $100-a-barrel here for now, Goldman Sachs says $200 a barrel could be a reality in the not-too-distant future in the case of a "major disruption."

Goldman on Friday also boosted by $10 the low end of its 2008-2012 projected range for crude to $60 a barrel -- significantly lower than current prices, to be sure, but a possible mark for oil if "normalized" trends return to the marketplace.

03-09-2008, 06:33 AM
So AuG,

Where exactly do your & my kind fit into THAT $199.99/bbl world????

EDIT: "I'll fuel ANY car for $201.99 per US gallon, regardless of color..."