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03-01-2008, 10:34 AM
Searching For Truth Story Is Praised Again, In Two Different Papers


On the week of February 12, 2008, the Main Line Life newspaper published an article written by Jeff Cobb entitled, "Searching For Truth In Wayne (http://www.911blogger.com/node/13859)." The following week, that newspaper published several letters to the editor that were all positive in a section entitled, "Searching For Truth Story Is Praised (http://www.911blogger.com/node/13979)." That same week, a sister paper of MLL called Main Line Times ran Jeff Cobb's original piece. This week, both the Main Line Life, and Main Line Times published two more letters to the editor, as well as our new ad for March. Both letters were positive. Here they are:

Reader Agrees With 9/11 Truth Movement

To The Editor:

With regards to your question "Do you disagree with the searching for the truth letters?"... My answer is:

No sir / ma'am... not in the least.

I believe the most interesting thing about the people that are part of the 9/11 Truth Movement is that they are intelligent, educated, normal people. As evidenced, just for example, by the "Scholars For 9/11 Truth," "Architects And Engineers For 9/11 Truth," and "Pilots For 9/11 Truth."

The vast majority of truth supporters are people that, like me, believed the original explanation at first. Then, after a time, began to frown and say, "You know, that just doesn't seem to add up." It is a huge step, I believe, for normal educated people to begin to doubt the original story because of all the ramifications that would ensue should it be false.

It would be easy for a wacko attention-hungry conspiracy theorist to make that step... but not a professional person that risks the marginalization that could occur by taking such a stance. Then look at how many are taking that risk. I think that says quite a bit, so no, I do not disagree with the searching for truth letters. I only wish we could see more.

Rick Saunders

Thanks For 9/11 Story

To The Editor:

Thank you for daring to print Jeff Cobb's story about the search for truth about 9/11 (Feb. 21). It infuriates me that so many Americans choose to ignore the untruths, omissions and distortions of the 9/11 Commission Report and that our corporate-owned mass media are complicit in a cover-up of the many discrepancies.

President Bush said at the U.N. on Nov. 10, 2001: "Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of Sept. 11th, malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves, away from the guilty."

Well, what if the "malicious lies" are those told in the report itself? Why, for instance, was so much evidence removed from the scenes of the greatest crime of the century by federal officials before it could be inspected?

The eyewitness accounts by experts of molten steel, the aftermath of explosives in the basements of the WTC buildings was left out of the report. The alleged hijackers were incompetent pilots and were not named on flight passenger lists. And what about the EPA's lies about the safety of the air quality in lower Manhattan that allowed first responders to work without proper breathing equipment which has resulted in illnesses and deaths?

Americans have the right to know the TRUTH about the events of that day which have made not just our country less safe, but left the entire world in peril. The insidious, ugly facts that fester and progressively seep out of the official conspiracy theory will remain a cancer in our country, and until the truth is incised out of the cover-up imposed by this corporate-owned regime, America can never again regain respect in the world.

Diane Herr - Lansdale