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05-08-2005, 09:50 AM
We've all heard this classic line written pre-9/11 by the NeoCon deception team.

This is the catch phrase used by the perps to explain why the evil, freedom-haters did 9/11.

Falling under this banner, more detailed one line explanations given to "break-it-down" further were given. They relate to why the targets were chosen by the Magic Muslims in their "war on American symbolism"(Oh my goodness...they're SO smart!! - the myth)

WTC Complex - the towers were the almighty symbol of American wealth and riches, so taking them out was deemed vital by Bin Laden INC

The Pentagon - the symbol of American military might and the HQ of those "defending America"

The Abandoned Strip Mine in Shanksville, PA - a secondary, last-ditch target chosen by the terrorists because American Heroes rushed the cockpit, saving the day for whatever target Flight 93 was trying to find(Wal-Mart head office?)

Is Bin Laden a brilliant mastermind or is he an evil madman?

If I'm to believe that Bin Laden was the mind behind the operation, I'd have to put him in with the moron brigade - downright stupid!

Let's visit the pre-9/11 world.

Bin Laden had begun his Jihad against America in the early 90's. USS Cole, two US embassies in Africa, and his then most crowning achievement, the '93 WTC bombing.

This fella went all extremist because he considered the presence of US military might in Muslim holy lands an evil he had to do something about. He'd beaten down the Commies with America's help, but he didn't take lightly to America "defending" itself and using the holy lands to wage war against an enemy they'd created(Hi, I'm Saddam...I hate Iran)

Here's the thing...he's got multiple targets of American influence within a few miles of his backyard. He blows two embassies to shit and carves a big hole in a US destroyer all without the American public giving a damn. Any tactical mind would see ZERO need to hit the US on their own soil with all these US interests laying about abroad. It's cheaper, less risky and above all, the punishment is almost nil. Observe and destroy, keepin it on the low-down.(just as anyone waging a war you can't win would do)

Let's factor in the '93 WTC attack. Bomb in the basement, down goes "a" tower...McVeigh pulled off a similar stunt, why can't he? Luckily(?), the attack failed and he had to find a new cave to work from. Now his name had surfaced into the American psyche, albeit briefly and without much consideration. They didn't flash his picture on the screen 456,786 times a day; life went back to normal and he remained a blip on the Bad Guy radar. Such was his low level threat rating, that when the Bush regime took office, the counter-terrorism budget was cut(a COLLOSAL FAILURE(why 9/11 was succesful) of the US Intelligence may have been impossible with some cash for them to use). You'd think someone so wise as Bin Laden would have said "I was lucky on that one" and then gone back to blowing up US stuff abroad.

Not so!!! Apparently he had a bad acid trip one night and upon returning from his tripped-out, desert meeting with Jim Morrison's spirit, a new, more "evil madman" Bin Laden emerged.

Schooled with a Western education, I'd guess that Osama is aware of "our" history and maybe, just maybe, he learned from it. Not so! Looks like Osama was skipping class and chasing his impure desires. Why? What fool doesn't know of Pearl Harbour and the effect it delivered upon America and its people?

In short, the Japanese got clouded by ego and glory(and trickery) and decided to attack a country of immense industrial potential, whose LARGE population was loving all things isolationist. Hitler was ripping shit up across Europe and most of America was "fuck these Euros and their war...we came and helped before and you're back at it again?...Piss off!"
The Japs rain down death at Pearl Harbour with some serious lack of consideration to the probable consequences. They were riding high after taking out targets they deemed as vital to America's war-making ability. Luckily for America, some genius gave orders to put the carrier fleet out to sea, leaving behind the tactically obsolete battleships for the Japs to blow apart.(suckers) In less than a year, the US was back on top and in no mood for anything but total victory.

But here comes Osama, having learned nothing from history, and therefore, bound to repeat it. Don't fuck with America. You'll never win.

Let's leave all that aside and consider the 9/11 master-plan penned by Magic Muslims. From my POV, the methods used, the targets hit and the complexity of 9/11 could have only been deemed feasible by people cut off from the world. Yes, they are cave dwellers but I'm guessing they're a bit more "in the loop" than your average South American, poison dart using, rainforest-dwelling tribe seen in National Geographic features.

Let's see...

A surprise attack relies heavily on timing. That being, not long after the situation is obvious will the window of opportunity remain open. Not even a 9 minute period where the "man in charge" wonders if the 'we' in "we are under attack" is refering to something other than the nation, will buy them much needed time. They hit the Pentagon a half hour after America was officially under attack. The city where the Prez spends much of his time is probably heavily defended, I'd guess; as Osama would have as well. But no, a lumbering 757 airliner conducting a rapid descent in a cloudless sky over DC, some half hour after word got out, was able to hit the target successfully. So confident was the "pilot" of his "surprise" going so well, he decided to hot-dog it a bit and go in at ground level, when the easiest and more destructive option of diving into the BIG target would have been the choice of 99/100 suicide pilots worldwide. These guys were good.

Instead of TRYING to hit all targets at similar times, the Bin Crews went out of their way to attack over a long period of time. Why did these planes go so far away and turn back to attack their targets? Duh, that's how long it took the baddies to get a feel for the controls or to turn the map right-side-up! Take your pick.

The targets themselves make no sense. Since 9/11, the sensical targets offered by intelligence in possible future attacks are more reasonable. Those silly terrorists...they should have hit some nuke powerplants or dams on 9/11 instead of those they chose! The proper formula is primary targets of infastructure first, targets of American symbolism for desert. Strange is that. If I'm following with the terrorist logic seen on 9/11, my next guesses would be the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore(that would piss off everyone), or maybe the HOLLYWOOD sign. But no, our intelligence has "improved" and next time around they'll attack stuff that sounds scarier if destroyed, and stuff that is really important to our daily life.

I fear that these terrorists have probably learned the most important lesson of 9/11. No, not the "Fuck With America and Die" revelation that everyone finally understands. There is a much more terrible lesson lurking in the script.

When WTC7 came down like butta as it did, I fear the Osama Posse now holds the key to our destruction. No planes, no flight schools, no hard-to-find flight manuals, and no risk really.

Fire. Take a building of any type - wood, concrete or the once untouchable steel structures that make up the majority of America's tall buildings. Add some fire...not a lot, a few floors will do the trick in most cases.(Hell, they could probably make a deal with the lease-holders eager to pull off a "Silverstein Special"). Sit back and in a few hours they'll all come tumbling down as if Allah himself stomped them with his foot. It is vital to note - this structural weakness only seems to be an affliction of buildings housing federal offices of the US Gov't. As long as there's a federal office within, chances are good that the building is vulnerable to collapse by fire.

Joking aside, it is so obvious that 9/11 was penned by insiders targeting the minds of America. If one simply examines the tactics and happenings of 9/11 without factoring in anything we've "learned" about the enemy since then, the absurdity of it being solely the actions of a small group of freedom haters working alone, is impossible to ignore. The same military machine refined to perfection and equipped to defend America from the once-constant threat of Russia's best offences just happened to sleep in on 9/11?

The Bush Regime offers "yeah, we screwed up...we'll fix it up good this time...our bad" as the flimsy, headline excuse to their people. Those in high positions who were asleep that day have been cleared and in many cases promoted higher up the power chain. They're getting the "made man" treatment seen in the Mob world. Help the big boys kill, maim and prosper from evil and you'll go far in the Bush regime. You gotta love VP Cheney for his candid remark a few months back. When asked if he was considering running for Prez in '08 he hesitated not one bit. With a full three years remaining at his current post, with plenty of time to consider his options and make some contacts, Cheney's not gonna waste one second of survival time. "when it's over...I'm outta here!" was his response. Obviously. Seriously, this guy is so evil, his own heart has tried to end his life by attacking itself on numerous occasions.

That's all. We're doomed.