View Full Version : Alleged CIA Assassination Plot Against Hugo Chavez Uncovered

11-13-2007, 09:27 AM
CIA agents and foreign secret services in at least three concrete subversive plots to destabilize the Chavez government and obstructing the Referendum



In a press release, issued today, Sunday, November 11, the Hugo Chavez International-Foundation for Peace, Friendship & Solidarity (HCI-FPFS) says it has learnt from credible sources of a plot to assassinate the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.

According to HCI-FPFS sources, the plot (code-named "Operation Cleanse Venezuela") is designed to be put into action before Venezuela's referendum on Constitutional amendments scheduled for December 2.

The HCI-FPFS says that CIA agents are working with other foreign secret service organizations on at least three concrete subversive plans to destabilize the government of President Chavez with the objective of obstructing the Referendum.

Venezuela's National Assembly (AN) already passed all the constitutional reform bills put before it a week ago, recognizing historic links between Africa and Venezuela.

The planned subversion aims not only to destabilize the government of President Chavez and the sovereignty of Venezuela, but to counter the democratic will of the Venezuelan people.

The United States 'intelligence community' is focused on:

Recruiting and mobilizing anti-Cuban terrorist forces based in South Miami, Florida and Fort Bragg in North Carolina in the USA and other armed foreign mercenaries to invade Venezuela from neighboring countries with the help of local collaborators and enemies of the Venezuelan people.
Using traitors in the Bolivarian Alternative Revolution, and others under the guise of religion, to create division among the Venezuelan Armed Forces and attempt to ignite a violent mutiny by the military against the Government and the people.
Issuing orders to US occupation forces in the region to shoot down any aircraft used by President Chavez. The Bush administration in Washington D.C. is claimed to have hired the services of US-trained snipers to carry out an assassination bid with the collusion of rebel ex-military and police.

"While the HCI-FPFS advocates peace, human rights, freedom and dignity, and is against all acts of terrorism, it finds it appropriate to condemn US policy on Venezuela as dangerous threat to peace and security."

"It is the opinion of the organization that, pursuing a policy of murder and destruction against President Chavez and the people of Venezuela, the United States of America is committing unpardonable sins against humanity."

The HCI-FPFS press release continues: It should be recalled that, one of George Bush's foreign policies since the inception of his administration in 2001, is violent aggression against countries and leaders who resist US imperialism. The phrase "regime change" is used by the Bush administration to threaten peace and security, and to impose vicious governments around the world, against the will of the people ... "and at the top of the current US list for murder and destruction is President Chavez of Venezuela."

"President Hugo Chavez' "Socialism of the 21st century" threatens the United States' grip on Venezuelan oil and other resources ... with this ill-thought-out, reactionary and subversive foreign policy, the Bush administration is plotting even more evil attacks against the Venezuelan people."

"The center piece of the US anti-Venezuelan disinformation program, plots and conspiracies has been to ensure the return of the former disgraced oligarchy and treacherous leaders in Caracas, to rape the wealth of Venezuelan nation, and to ruin lives of peoples, using domestic collaborators and traitors hiding behind the media, churches and so-called opposition to wreck the Venezuelan state."

"The wounds and scars inflicted on the people by the US-masterminded failed coup of April 11, 2002 is still fresh in the minds of the Venezuelan public ... not to mention the reckless, homosexually-cantered, racist-minded, shameless, faithless and satanic statement made in 2005, by the Reverend (?) Pat Robertson, calling for the assassination of President Hugo Chavez."

"The Hugo Chavez International-Foundation for Peace, Friendship & Solidarity challenges Robertson to tell the world which commandments of God advocate the death penalty. If, anything we advise this good-for-nothing Christian to prepare as the gates of hell wait to welcome him."

"It should be recalled that in 1999, the Bolivarian Revolution (under President Chavez) introduced grassroots democratic reforms in the Constitution of Venezuela, giving (for the first time) power to the most pauperized, neglected and deprived rural masses to take part in all gatherings, discussions and decisions on the future direction of Venezuela ... contrary to the policies pursued by the oligarchic former leaders against the Venezuelan people."

"The United States, through the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the CIA and other US-based instruments have worked actively in coup-plotting activities against progressive governments around the world opposed to foreign hegemony and de-humanization of their peoples. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent yearly to destabilize governments and nations, to buy people and impose governments that are subservient to US imperialism."

"With Bush's endless calls for regime change in countries opposed to war and exploitation of the people, US officials are meddling in every issue that will define the future of Venezuela, not just control of oil and gas or a change in government ... any leaked information about US plots against Venezuela is REAL and should be treated seriously to avoid a repetition of the unending holocaust war in Iraqi, that is initiated and being fought by US forces of aggression on the Arab soil."

"The HCI-FPFS wishes to call upon the United Nations to institute an independent investigation into the alleged assassination plot by the United States of America. The United Nations and the international community must not be allowed to be consumed by the antics, manipulations, deceits, lies and media propaganda of the Bush administration, but to act out of a deep consciousness as a beacon of peace, harmony and hope for humanity. Failure to investigate the alleged plot to assassinate Venezuela's President is tantamount to fanning the embers of international terrorism; committing war crimes and crimes against humanity."

"The HCI-FPFS demands that the international community exert pressure on the Bush administration to spare the lives of the peace- and freedom-loving people of Venezuela, the horror of missiles, smart bombs, depleted uranium, terrorism and aggression, akin to the Iraqi situation and calls on member states of the Organization of American States (OAS) to meet and discuss the US plot against Venezuela with the sole aim of condemning the Bush administration's anti-Venezuela campaign, and to support President Chavez as the only way to save mankind, and Venezuela in particular, from the evils associated with Bush's destabilization efforts."