View Full Version : Officials Discover U.S. Nuclear Sub Crew Failed To Carry Out Reactor Safety Checks

10-23-2007, 08:34 AM
Officials discover US nuclear submarine crew failed to carry out reactor safety checks


Monday, October 22, 2007

The crew of a US nuclear submarine failed to carry out daily reactor safety checks for a month, then forged records to cover up the blunder, it emerged today.

The revelation is sure to raise new questions about the military's handling of nuclear materials following the incident in which a B-52 bomber was accidentally loaded with nuclear-tipped missiles and flown across the country without any one realising it.

In the case of the USS Hampton, officials discovered that sailors had not done the required analysis of the chemical and radiological properties of the submarine's reactor for more than a month, even though a daily check is required, a navy spokesman said.

Others discovered the lapse during a routine cross-check as the submarine neared the end of a Pacific voyage last month.

Officials also found that logs had been filled out to make it appear that the daily checks of the reactor water had actually been done.

"Some of the Hampton's operations and records fell short of high Navy standards," the spokesman said.

"There never was any danger to the crew or the public," he said.