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08-06-2007, 08:58 AM
Lower Merion Man Arrested in Terror Raid


(Gold9472: This took place in Uber Commandante's neighborhood.)

By David Henry

August 3, 2007 - The FBI and the joint terrorism task force have been showing a good deal of interest in a man who lives Montgomery County, and today the man ended up in Philadelphia federal court.

Action News has learned that the FBI has been keeping a close eye on a house in the Belmont Hills section of Lower Merion Township. They have been tailing the man who lives there in connection with an ongoing terror-related investigation.

Only Action News was there Tuesday night when federal agents moved in. They were looking for a gun, and apparently much more.

The search went on for 8 hours, lead by the FBI and members of the Joint Terror Task Force. The man who lives in the home is Moneer Farhat. He is a convicted felon with numerous run-ins with the law, and strong ties to the Middle East.

Farhat is a demolition contractor who gained attention a few years ago when his crew botched a job that was caught on video by a neighbor. The collapse in Northern Liberties damaged two nearby buildings. Farhat also has a conspiracy conviction in connection with a counterfeiting scheme.

Now, sources say he's being looked at for possible terror related activity. The FBI will say only that it's part of an ongoing investigation. That investigation includes video and audio surveillance. The government revealed in court today that Farhat was recorded on tape on July 16th threatening to kill a man, saying he would "smoke" him and it wouldn't be the first time he "smoked" someone.

Last month the Joint Terror Task Force began looking at people who travel frequently to the Middle East in connection with the foiled British bombing plot.

Farhat is Palestinian and has a home in Israel and another in Jordan. Investigators say he has spent extended periods of time there in recent months.

A few days ago FBI agents followed Farhat to a gun shop where another man allegedly purchased a gun on his behalf. As a convicted felon Farhat cannot legally own a gun.

Federal agents say they found the gun in Farhat's home Tuesday night and arrested him. He had a hearing in Federal Court today and has been ordered held without bail, highly unusual for a gun violation.

The FBI will only say that the broader investigation continues.

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