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08-03-2007, 07:56 PM
Bush phones Musharraf: Ignore Obamas, aid bill


Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: US President George Bush telephoned President General Pervez Musharraf on Friday to reassure him after US threats of unilateral action against Al Qaeda on Pakistani soil, a Foreign Office statement said on Friday.

The call from Bush to his embattled ally in the “war on terror” comes after recent statements from US officials, and Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama, warning of possible US strikes in Pakistani tribal areas. “President Bush stated that the United States fully respected Pakistan’s sovereignty and appreciated Pakistan’s resolve in fighting Al Qaeda and other terrorist elements,” the statement said. “He said that such statements were unsavoury and often prompted by political considerations in an environment of electioneering. He agreed that such statements did not serve the interests of either country,” it added. The FO statement said that the US president had telephoned his Pakistani counterpart to congratulate him and the Pakistani nation on the country’s 60th Independence Day.

The statement said that President Bush praised the role Pakistan and President Musharraf were playing for peace and security in the region and appreciated the courage and sacrifices of the Pakistani armed forces in the war against terrorism. The statement said that President Musharraf also raised the issue of recent legislation on funding for Pakistan adopted by the US Congress on the implementation of the 9/11 commission’s recommendations. He “expressed concern over elements that reflected negatively on the Pakistan-US bilateral cooperation and relations”, said the statement.

It said that President Bush explained the contents of the bill to President Musharraf and told him that he did not foresee adverse impact of any of the Pakistan-specific provisions on the existing cooperation between the two countries. He said the US Congress had recently approved nearly $150 million for development in FATA this year. Bush said this showed the strong commitment of the US to support Pakistan. The FO statement said that President Bush reaffirmed the US desire to build a strong and long-term strategic relationship with Pakistan as it served the interest of both countries and the world.

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Why are the ones who truly deserve it never offed? Not that I think they SHOULD be mind you...