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07-09-2007, 01:04 PM
What if...


Richard Emmons, Gilford
July 08. 2007 10:00AM

What if there was another false-flag attack on the United States, resulting in a greater number of deaths than on 9/11, and what if George W. Bush, armed with powers he acquired under the October 2006 passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, declared martial law and decreed that the elections of 2008 were to be delayed for an indeterminate time until order was restored?

And what if he further mandated that our Constitution was to be supplanted by rules he would create to address the evolving needs of our new, dictatorial government? What if he placed military forces in every city and town in America to enforce curfews against any movement during hours of darkness?

What if, at the same time, the U.S. dollar became worthless and you were left with no means of providing sustenance for your family, save that which Bush would provide but only if you were satisfactorily obedient? What if the New World Order finally emerged as a dominant reality and not just another conspiracy theory? What if your sons and daughters were conscripted into its army and sent into combat against resistant forces, perhaps to face you on the field of battle?

Is there anything about Bush - his words, actions, demeanor, body language, facial expressions, concern for his dismal poll ratings, anything - that suggest any hint that he may submit to the constitutional mandate that would end his presidency in 2009? What if he persists to become the last president of the United States of America?