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07-01-2007, 10:59 AM
Reprehensor's Report Of The Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference


Last weekend I traveled to Vancouver, BC to see how 9/11 skepticism is playing in Canada. The Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference (http://www.v911truth.org/conference2007.html) went from Friday, June 22nd to Sunday, June 24th, and averaged about 300 people each day, with the biggest crowd (just under 400) on Friday night to hear Webster Tarpley's keynote address.


Tarpley covered a massive amount of material on covert operations, politics, activism, and the wargames of 9/11. ( http://www.911truth.org/article.php?story=20050830185334880) He was preceded on Friday night by Dr. Joe Hawkins, and Ian Woods. Kevin Barrett played emcee for the entire weekend.

Ian Woods is the Publisher and Editor of Global Outlook ( http://globaloutlook.ca/Store/Magazines/12/issue_12.htm), the magazine of 9/11 truth. I asked him to describe the contents of the latest issue here;

I pulled Dr. Joe Hawkins off to the side for a brief interview;

After the evening's speeches, most of the speakers and some attendees and volunteers retired to the Hotel playing host to many of the out of town visitors to Vancouver. There I met Gillian Norman, producer and director of the new documentary, Shadowplay ( http://www.911blogger.com/node/8911), who traveled from Australia to present a rough cut of the film. The film was very well received on Saturday.

Here are snippets from Friday night presentations, (interviews posted above are in this footage as well);


For me, the conference really kicked off on Saturday, with talks by Peter Dale Scott, a Q&A with Webster Tarpley, a general overview of the NORAD response on 9/11 by author Will Thomas, an insider's description of the FAA from Robin Hordon, a general overview of Flight 93 by Rowland Morgan, a speech on the fraudulent war on terror by Canadian professor Michael Keefer, and a critical examination of neoconservatism in Canada by newcomer, Andrew Marshall.

These two videos give a good feel for what was happening on Saturday;

Video One; (Sequentially; Barrie Zwicker - Andrew Marshal - Peter Dale Scott - Webster Tarpley - Michael Keefer - Webster Tarpley)

Video Two; (Sequentially; Will Thomas - Peter Dale Scott - Robin Hordon - Rowland Morgan - Hal Sisson)


I missed most of the speakers on the third day of the conference, but I did manage to grab Steven Jones and get him to summarize his Saturday night talk;

Then, I captured a debate between Jones and another speaker, Dr. William Deagle, who thinks that some sort of "mini-nukes" were used to help demolish the WTC buildings;

(You'll have to crank up the videos on this one, sorry, better video and audio coming soon.)

Also on the third day a snippet from Canadian politician Connie Fogal of the Canadian Action Party;

And finally an interview with Michael Keefer about the Canadian Terror story: THE TORONTO 17;

I laughed, I cried, I had a great time.

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